Bamboo Garden Design

Bamboo can bring a clean, contemporary feel to your garden with minimal effort. You can use bamboo products to create an oriental setting or to enhance a modern garden design.

As such a versatile and naturally beautiful material, bamboo can be made into anything from stunning screening for decorating your fences, to tranquil water features and tiki-style furniture.

Bamboo has been used in China for over 7000 years as a building material. Today at least 2 billion people rely on bamboo for their income, using it in products like furniture, homes, scaffolding, paper, clothes and much more.

Both strong and elastic, bamboo has proven a very useful and versatile construction material. It has over twice the tensile strength of steel as it’s filled with strong, fine fibres.

Other Bamboo Products

Bamboo is extremely fast growing, more so than any other tree-like plant. Some even grow 200cm in a single day! This makes it highly sustainable compared to other forms of timber used in manufacturing.

Although it looks more like a tree, bamboo is actually a form of grass. This is what helps it to grow so quickly as, unlike a tree which only grows at the top, bamboo has growth spurts along the entirety of its height.

Whether you want to create an oriental-inspired garden, or simply a bamboo paradise to relax in, we have everything you need.