What is Privacy Screening?

Privacy screening is a great solution for overlooked gardens and exposed balconies. Privacy screening is a cost effective, easy to set up, and low maintenance option. Here at Primrose, we have a range of styles available so you can get the screening best suited to your outdoor space.

Knitted Privacy Screening

Knitted privacy screening is an affordable all-rounder which provides a whole host of advantages. It is robust, able to withstand all seasons, and provides protection for plants which are prone to damage through strong winds and frost. It is also effective as a barrier from the sun, blocking UV rays while allowing cool air to pass through. With a range of shading percentage options to choose from, knitted screening makes a great solution for a balcony seating area, or for protecting a seed bed in the colder months.

Natural Privacy Screening

Our range of natural screening can be used for privacy. Simply choose the fibre you are looking for (bamboo, willow, brushwood, reed, fern, or bark) and get ready to add some rustic style while preventing unwanted eyes from peering directly through to your outdoor space.

This screening is assembled by way of robust galvanised wire (and we suggest using this for attaching your screening to your chosen fence posts, stakes or existing garden wall), allowing light to pass through while effectively obscuring your chosen area. As well as in the garden, natural screening can be used to add a natural touch and privacy to balconies, as well as over pergolas to create a soft shade cover. Not a fan of maintenance? You can opt for the artificial version!

Artificial Privacy Screening

Working in the same way as natural screening, artificial screening adds some privacy to your outdoor space - but without the need for maintenance! With its premium grade UV additive, artificial screening will look vibrant for years to come, making it not only practical but a popular decorative option for any style of garden.

Artificial Hedge Screening

An option for those who want the look of lush greenery without the hassle, artificial hedge screening is an affordable way of not only creating a hedge-like look to an existing wall or fence, but also a way for gaining privacy. This works well on metal gates and fences, effectively blocking out the eyes of the public. Alternatively, you could use an extendable trellis version, cleverly designed to be extended to fit well into spaces of all sizes.

Artificial Rattan Screening

Artificial rattan screening is robust, low-maintenance, and incredibly simple to install. Here, you can use a staple gun or even cable ties, and immediately achieve a completely opaque look. We recommend this for creating complete shade, or if loss of light is not an issue for your outdoor space. This is a wonderful solution for balconies or areas which can be easily overlooked by the public.