How To Put Up Hurdles

Why Willow/Hazel Hurdles?

Willow or Hazel hurdles create a rustic, natural look in any outdoor space, and are particularly useful as a more unique garden fence. Due to the woven construction of the hurdles, they allow a small amount of air to pass through, creating the perfect wind break and ensuring a gust of wind won't knock down your lovely fencing!

Installing Your Hurdles

You can use stakes as supports for your fencing.

You must use 2 posts per hurdle, placing them beside your hurdle at each end, and make sure they are driven firmly into place. For this, you can use a post mount, such as our Steadypost fence post anchoring system. Another option is to use a synthetic product such as Quikset for a fast, clean and safe alternative to traditional concrete.

You can then attach the hurdle to the posts using galvanised wire, or screws. Reinforce the strength of the hurdles by attaching a further stake behind one of the vertical columns.

If you wish to install them so that they curve, make sure to soak the hurdles in water for maximum flexibility for a few hours beforehand. This will prevent the sticks from snapping. You may need to use more stakes here, to keep the curve taught.

Looking After Your Hurdles

Willow/Hazel hurdles won't require too much maintenance to keep them in tip top condition. If you are not going to be using them immediately, it is important to store them in dry area where they have adequate airflow, to prevent mold from forming.

There is no need to apply any treatments to your hurdles; leave them as they are, and they will adopt an attractive, rustic grey hue. Alternatively, you can use a water-based preservative readily available from your local hardware shop to keep them looking new for longer.