Raised Beds Buying Guide

Raised Beds for the Horticulturalist

Raised Beds are perfect for boosting plant growth as they create an easily manageable, controlled environment for the gardener. As raised beds are elevated, its plants out of reach of most pests, and as they can be placed anywhere in the garden - from the patio to shed roof - plants can be placed away from possible sources of blight.

As unprotected ground soil is vulnerable to the elements, raised beds keep your soil friable due to improved drainage. Furthermore, as the sides of raised beds are exposed to sun, the soil is warmer in spring, allowing for faster germination and growth. Finally, raised beds allow one to escape the poor soil quality of your garden and create a rich fertile soil for maximum possible yields.

Raised Beds for the Organic Gardener

As raised beds can be placed away from possible sources of blight, and can be used in tandem with an meshes to keep out unwanted birds and slugs, they offer the perfect opportunity to forgo herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers that produce greenhouse gases.

Raised Beds for Convenience

Our raised beds are sourced from the best quality timber and treated to ensure they are maintenance free, sturdy and rot resistant. As raised beds places its plants at an agreeable working height, weeding no longer remains the chore it once was. Furthermore, as the soil in raised beds is loose, any saplings that take can be easily pulled.

Raised beds are essential for gardeners stuck in urban environments or heavily patioed garden as they provide a stable source of deep soil needed for plants to flourish. If, however, you are extremely pressed for space, we offer a great Grow Your Own section that includes compact planters such as potato and strawberry barrels.

Raised Beds for the Designer

Using raised beds allows one to accentuate the conceptually different spaces in your garden. The extra height and sharp breaks in the garden really help you contrast different areas. The bright flower beds and fulsome greens of the vegetable beds now clearly delineated. By doing this you are mimicking an age-old practice, which makes so many historic properties authentic and stunning.

To do this, all one needs to do is maintain the gaps between the raised beds. The pro may wish to use paving or gravel that is often grey to contrast the bright colours of the beds. The fact raised beds are made of timber, allows them to naturally blend into the garden and as they are treated, raised beds change colour with age, adopting a faint silver hue.

Buying Guide

While our raised beds come in an array of sizes, more important is a raised beds depth as opposed to width or length. The fact raised beds are often 3ft by 3ft, or 3ft by 6ft, is a great advantage as it keeps the plants easily accessible, forgoing the need to step across your plants and soil, which could compact. Greater depth, allows the canny to provide more aerated soil for plants, which is especially beneficial for root vegetables. Also important, is whether you decide to buy a subdivided raised bed that while providing less surface space can provide a clear aesthetic division between different plants.

Accessories for Raised Beds

Raised Beds are just one tool among many that enables the gardener to achieve bumper crops of vegetables and great blooms of flowers. We offer a fantastic Grow Your Own section that enables you to take your crops from seed to harvest, but specifically for raised beds we recommend that you consider plant supports, as well as cloches and grow tunnels to protect your plants from pests and fluctuations in the weather.

Our Popular Products

The Chamberlain Wooden Raised Grow Bed: By far our most popular product, this exclusive product is one of the best value for money raised beds on the market, and it even comes with a whopping 15 year guarantee.

Vegtrugs: Vegtrugs are perfect for the less mobile in that they are high above the ground, yet they do not compromise on planting depth. Well built, they come in an array of sizes and can be purchased with mesh covers.

Herb Wheel: Up there with our most stylish raised beds, they don’t have to be used just for herbs, but are great to juxtapose different varieties next to one another.

Galvanised Steel and Plastic Raised Beds: For those preferring a different aesthetic/material to wood, our steel beds are galvanised to ensure they do not rust. Also very good value for money are our plastic raised beds that are extremely sturdy, and just as reliable as wood.

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