Tomato 'Supersweet 100' | 8.5cm Pot | By Gourmet Vegetables

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Tomato 'Supersweet 100' | 8.5cm Pot | By Gourmet Vegetables

A vine tomato, bearing as many as one hundred fruits

With a harvesting period between the months of July and October, Tomato 'Supersweet' consists of a delightful summer treat that will continiously gift you with delicious, sweet-flavoured fruits. Perfect for gracing salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and bakes, this variety will prove to be your kitchen's best friend, where it is not uncommon to receive a hundred tomatoes.

Variety Information

Pot Size 8.5cm Pot
Height on Arrival 12cm (5") - 30cm (12")
Planting Location Partial shade or full sun
Planting Distance 40cm (16")
Planting Period Late April to July
Harvesting Period July to October


Fresh from the NurseryOur plants are directly dispatched from trusted, expert growers, who are based within the heart of England. Therefore, you will not have to wait around in garden or fulfillment centres, instead, your plants will arrive to your home fresh, healthy, and in perfect condition.
Rich in Nutrients
Environmentally-Conscious Packaging
Wholly Organic
Easy to Grow

Gourmet Vegetables

Our range of gourmet vegetables are premium plants perfect for enthusiasts seeking village-fair winning crops. Grown in a climate controlled glasshouse and fed with a sophisticated drip system, our plants germinate earlier and grow faster, ensuring you receive an already vigorous plant ready to begin fruiting.

Grafted Vegetables

Grafted vegetables are even better still in that they fruit even earlier and heavier. They are produced from two separate plants that really are greater than the sum of its parts. At the top you will receive the delicious fruit as listed, but the roots will be superior, both temperature and disease resistant, and able to put more energy into fruiting.


All our plants are carefully wrapped up in specially-designed and sustainably-sourced cardboard packaging. All packaging will be extensively trailed to ensure that your plants arrive safely, and we will even utilise a delicate-parcels courier just to be certain.

When Your Plants Arrive...

  1. Unpack your plants - Preferably straight after they arrive, you should carefully unpack your plants. They might appear slightly tired after their journey, however they will soon perk up again.
  2. Identify each plant - Each type of plant (but not each individual plant) will be clearly labelled. Lay them out into their respective plant types (such as wild rocket, cauliflower, or peas).
  3. Provide a drink - The roots of your plants may be dry, so provide all of them with a nourishing drink of water. This can be done by ensuring that the roots are stood upright, and submerging them for a few minutes in a container of clean water.

Planting Your Vegetables or Herbs...

  • Their position: For the best results, we encourage you to plant your vegetables into a site that receives full sun exposure.
  • Soil types: It is important that you avoid waterlogged soils. This is because they can lead to root root and compacted soils, which will retard vegetable growth.
  • Planting distance: You should plant your plugs between 15-20cm apart, and further ensure that their stems are level with the soil. You should also make sure that the rows are spaced 15-30cm away from each other.
  • Watering requirements: Water when planting, and during periods of drought.
  • Hardiness: We will attentively care for your vegetables, and only deliver them when it is warm enough for them to be planted in your garden.

Detailed above is this plant's standard care information, however, if you are after a more thorough guide on growing your own crops, please click below.

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Optional Extras
  • 200 Litres - The Chamberlain Wooden Raised Grow Bed by Lacewing™ - 100cm² (H20cm)
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  • 40L Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Compost
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  • 1KG All Purpose Plant Food By Miracle-Gro
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