H48cm Zinc Galvanised Black Flared Square Gunmetal Planter - By Primrose®

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H48cm Zinc Galvanised Black Flared Square Gunmetal Planter - By Primrose®
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H48cm Zinc Galvanised Black Flared Square Gunmetal Planter - By Primrose®
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Zinc Galvanised Black Flared Square Gunmetal Planter - Small H48cm x 26cm

This handsome gunmetal planter is a superb way to grow and display plants whilst adding a touch of class to your home. Made from high quality steel with a zinc galvanised coat, this planter features clean lines and a dark metal aesthetic which will blend well with foliage, slate and stone and looks stunning set off against box balls, vibrant flowers and white-washed walls, making this absolutely essential for any style conscious gardener.

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  • Straight lines and dark metal create a sleek appearance for a contemporary look
  • Made from steel for strength and durability
  • Galvanised from zinc makes it much more resistant to rust and bad weather conditions
  • Lightweight makes it easy to move
  • Hole at the bottom provides drainage and comes supplied with a bung
  • Versatile construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

    Please note: This listing is for a single small planter.

This planter has been manufactured from high quality steel with zinc galvanising. This process adds a coat of zinc which will help improve its resistance against corrosion caused by both atmosphere and the elements. It also offers cathodic protection which means that if the planter gets scratched and the steel underneath is exposed, the zinc will form a galvanic cell that will protect the steel from corrosion. This planter is also lightweight which allows it to be moved with ease and features a central hole at the bottom that will allow for drainage. A bung is supplied to plug the drainage hole if required and it is finished in black to complement its sleek shape for a modern twist.

Also available for this planter is an insert that will reduce the internal volume of the pot, acting like a shelf that will allow you to plant smaller flowers and shrubs as well as minimalising the amount of soil required. A link to this product can be found below.

How To Take Care Of Your Zinc Planter

Your Zinc planter comes packaged in a plastic bag, if you've chosen a planter without an insert we suggest that you use this bag to line your Zinc Planter to keep it at its best.

To maintain your Zinc Planter and keep it looking lovely, we suggest that occasionally you clean it down with a metal safe cloth or brush to avoid limescale build up after heavy rain.


Height: 48cm (18.9ins) x Width: 26cm (10.2ins) x Length: 26cm (10.2ins)

Optional Extras
  • 25cm Flared Square Planter Insert - By Primrose™
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Customer Reviews
Rating: 3/5

"They are just what I wanted, but were not delivered in perfect condition!"

Reviewed Saturday, 2 June 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Expensive looking planter without the price tag."

Reviewed Thursday, 19 April 2018

Rating: 4/5

"Some paintwork missing - slightly on the side"

Reviewed Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Rating: 5/5

"Delivery service and product quality - First class. Many thanks. From Derek Bibby."

Reviewed Monday, 2 May 2016

Rating: 5/5


Reviewed Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Rating: 5/5

"Pleased with product"

Reviewed Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Rating: 4/5

"Were well wrapped and came in good packaging this was impressive."

Reviewed Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rating: 5/5

"Stylish and well made"

Reviewed Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rating: 5/5

"As I have bought two larger ones I knew what I was getting. They are to go into a more sheltered, partly shaded, area so not concerned about the container getting overly hot which could be a problem in direct sunshine for most of the day."

Reviewed Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rating: 5/5

"The planter looks really nice and is light to lift. I am really delighted with it thanks"

Reviewed Sunday, 7 April 2013

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