"Bisho the Son" Topiary Elephant With Moss Filling - H48cm x L69cm

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"Bisho the Son" Topiary Elephant With Moss Filling - H48cm x L69cm
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"Bisho the Son" Topiary Elephant With Moss Filling - H48cm x L69cm

At just under half a meter high, Bisho the elephant is a great size for those with smaller gardens or children. Perfect for green-fingered wildlife lovers, this topiary elephant is great for those who are looking for a more unique way to bring their garden to life. Bisho might boast intimidating tusks, but have no fear - these mossy appendages are perfectly safe for you and all garden visitors. With his big, flapping ears and trunk held high, he almost looks like he's sending a message to the rest of his herd.

  • Striking garden ornament - Impress your friends and neighbours with this unusual garden feature, perfect for those who want to take a step away from traditional garden ornaments
  • One of a kind - This elephant has been completely made by hand, ensuring that each one is unique
  • High quality construction - This elephant has been constructed from durable metal wire which has been hand welded and wrapped by hand then powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion
  • Height 48cm (1ft 7in) x Length 69cm (2ft 3in) x Width 23cm (9in)
  • Made using plume sphagnum moss

This topiary elephant comes pre-filled with plume sphagnum moss which has been harvested and dried then carefully treated with Mossgreen (a non-hazardous pigment) to help it retain its organic green colour.

As with all natural products, this moss will age over time from natural weathering. Sphagnum moss naturally shrinks so this sculpture will require some maintenance to keep it looking new which includes adding fresh layers of moss and occasionally refilling the whole sculpture. See the links below for high-quality Sphagnum Topiary Moss and moss green to keep your elephant looking greener and fresher for longer.

In these features, sphagnum moss acts as a substrate which can be planted into much in the same way as a flowerbed and is great for planting hardy plants like Sempervivums.

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  • Sphagnum Topiary Moss 1kg
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  • Sphagnum Topiary Moss 10kg
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  • Moss Green 0.5L Spray
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Did you spot Nandi the elephant in our most recent TV ad? Here at Primrose, we're dedicated to making sure that your garden dreams come true - no matter how big they are!

Meet the Elephants - Bisho

Teetering on the cusp of adulthood, Bisho is anxiously waiting for the moment when he leaves the herd to begin a new life as all male elephants must do. Like all teenagers, Bisho is finding himself constantly getting into scraps with his cousins and sisters, and is being slowly kicked out of the group by Nandi and the other older elephants. Soon, Bisho must take off on his own to either roam the savannah as a lone male or join a bachelor herd. One day, Bisho hopes to find himself a mate so he can start his own family.

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