Elite High Eave 6ft x 10ft Greenhouse

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Elite High Eave 6ft x 10ft Greenhouse
Elite High Eave 6ft x 10ft Greenhouse

The High Eave adds an additional 11" of growing height into the same 6'3" wide greenhouse seen previously in the iGro. The result is simply greater room for taller produce, a higher door for easier access and a more voluminous work space to operate in. With a choice of packages and of course available in any of our coloured finishes, the outcome is a superb yet practical greenhouse.

All Elite greenhouses feature strongly built frames that are capable of supporting a reasonable amount of weight - perfect for the shelving available as an optional extra, as well as the integral aluminium base, which provides the perfect foundation on which to build your greenhouse. This model combines the wheelbarrow friendly low entry threshold, and 'dropped-in' door design, enhancing access to the greenhouse.

Elite greenhouses are available in a range of finishes - Order the greenhouse in classic milled (plain) aluminium, or choose to have it powder coated (see options below). Once you include the barcapping option, you can mix and match to get the perfect combination to suit your gardening tastes.

Elite High Eave 6ft Range
Link Width Length Eves Height Apex Height Louvres Roof Vent
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Link 6'3" 4'5" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 1
Link 6'3" 6'5" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 1
Link 6'3" 8'5" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 1
Link 6'3" 10'5" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 2
Link 6'3" 12'6" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 2
Link 6'3" 14'6" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 3
Link 6'3" 16'6" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 3
Link 6'3" 18'6" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 4
Link 6'3" 20'6" 5'8" 6'11½" 0 4

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Glazing Type


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Horticultural: Available in 3mm thick overlapping glass sheets.

Toughened: In the event of a breakage, the glass granulates, removing the danger of serious injury. The glass is Grade A, to Standard EN12150 which is primarily in full length sheets providing a neater finish, especially with bar capping, and means no overlapping glass where algae and moss can often become an unsightly problem.

Polycarbonate: UVI treated, twin wall with silvered edges and, like the toughened safety glass, it comes in full sheets, making this a great option where children and pets are concerned. Elite polycarbonate panels are 6mm thick on every model with the exception of the iGro which is 4mm.

Remember, when handling any type of glass the utmost care must be taken as it is extremely fragile when not in situ. Always protect your hands and eyes when handling glass. We advise that safety gloves and goggles are worn.
Frame Colour


+£0.00In Stock
Green +£419.99In Stock
Black +£469.99In Stock
Terracotta +£469.99In Stock
Brown +£469.99In Stock
White +£469.99In Stock
Graphite +£469.99In Stock
  • High class, hard-wearing, professional powder coated finish.
  • Environmentally friendly way of applying colour to aluminium unlike wet paint which requires the use of solvents.
  • A good depth of colour.
  • The frame is resistant to corrosion, UV degradation and offers a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.
  • Colour matched nut caps are included with all powder coated frames and bar capping is available to purchase separately for a professional finish by covering up any unsightly nuts and bolts.
Bar Capping

Without capping (Glazing Clips Only)

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Green +£139.99In Stock
Black +£139.99In Stock
Terracotta +£139.99In Stock
Brown +£139.99In Stock
White +£139.99In Stock
Graphite +£139.99In Stock
Bar Capping neatly secures your glazing in place, making your greenhouse totally wind resistant.

Please note: although bar capping can be used with Horticultural glazed greenhouses, there will be a lot of cutting needed, therefore it is highly recommended to purchase this option only if you are choosing Toughened glass or polycarbonate panels.

Bar Capping Bar Capping
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1 x Elite High Eave 6ft x 10ft Greenhouse:
£719.99   (£719.99 each)
Glazing Type: Horticultural   +£0.00 (£0.00 each)
Frame Colour: Unpainted   +£0.00 (£0.00 each)
Bar Capping: Without capping (Glazing Clips Only)   +£0.00 (£0.00 each)
Total £719.99

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