180cm Eden Bubble Tapered Column Water Feature with Colour Changing LED Lights - Indoor Use

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180cm Eden Bubble Tapered Column Water Feature with Colour Changing LED Lights - Indoor Use
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180cm Eden Bubble Tapered Column Water Feature with Colour Changing LED Lights - Indoor Use
Cable Length180 cm( 5 ft 10 in )
Pump outlet size5 mm( 0.2 in )
Pump power198 LPH
Lights included?Yes
Pump Wattage4 W
Remote Control included?Yes
Lights TypeLED
Pump included?Yes
Reservoir included?Self-Contained
Height183 cm( 6 ft 0 in )
Width36 cm( 1 ft 2 in )
Depth36 cm( 1 ft 2 in )
Weight7 Kg
Turn your room into a kaleidoscope of sights with the bubble water feature, and be the envy of your friends and family!

Dynamic and exciting, this exhilarating bubble tower ensnares the imagination with colour and motion. Glistening bubbles race playfully to the top against a background of glowing colours. The attractive tapered shape sets this feature apart, its visual impact making it a stunning focal point. With changeable colours, this tapered acrylic feature fits perfectly in any home, featuring a remote control allowing you to customise the ambience of your room, from calming teal to pulsing vigorous red. A feature of this size will give a wonderful atmosphere day to day in your home or office with a sleek modern edge, whilst also providing excellent lighting for parties and gatherings.

  • Bubble jets are utilised to give a stimulating sensory experience
  • Included in the aesthetic of this feature are pebbles which give a lovely earthy feel to contrast the interesting visual light experience
  • Self contained water feature means that you don't need a reservoir, simply pour water into the top!
  • Comes with a remote control for new levels of luxury and convenience, control the many combinations of colours, speed and power from across the room
  • Strong acrylic structure offers stability and towering timeless design
  • Height 183cm (6ft)
  • Base: Height 30cm (11i¾n) x Width 36cm (2ft) x Depth 36cm (2ft)
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Weight: 7.5kg

Elegant design

The very individual style of this tower is a space savvy feature which still allows for its very impressive height in this larger version to become a talking point in your rooms whilst projecting a display of colour and a flurry of bubbles onto surrounding walls. Sleek acrylic makes this a modern classic in design complimented by the hues of pebbles featured at the base of the design.


This fountain is designed to not need a reservoir-simply pour water into the top and watch it flow round the high quality body. This large feature remains functional and easy to use with the supplied remote control, strong and sturdy material and 10m cord so that it can be flexible in placement around the home.

Remote control

An exciting combination of colours, lights and speeds await with just the press of a button. Use this handy feature when reclining in your living room or comfortably during parties without having to fiddle with the feature itself. The convenient remote control allows you to quickly change the mood of the room with ease.

Combination of effects

A remarkable palette of colours spray this tall tower feature, which you have complete control over. The mesmerizing display of shades against water bubbles in motion at this size is truly a brilliant sight.


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