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100-130cm Bird Of Paradise | Strelitzia reginae | 24cm Pot

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Stuart Thomas

Ornament your home with a stunning house plant boasting excellent air-purifying abilities.

A stunning specimen
grown to make a statement

Perfect For
Purifying air, filling space and turning heads

Quick Care
Easy - just light watering when dry, and keep it between 15 and 25°C

Preferred Location
Bedroom or living room - show this plant off near the light

Pet/Family Safe
Toxic if eaten

About Strelitzia Reginae

The Strelitzia reginae is as regal as the name suggests, with huge green leaves popping out with regularity once it gets to warmer seasons.

It's known as the 'Bird of Paradise' plant for its striking, picture-worthy flowers, but know that it'll take years of care and well-timed feeding to draw forth these elusive features.

The Strelitzia reginae will turn heads wherever it goes thanks to its tall stems, and it'll rapidly fill any pot you put it in to the fullest. Don't be afraid of it becoming pot-bound, but be aware that the size of the pot helps determine the size of the plant.

For a Strelitzia that reaches the roof, you'll need a sizeable pot to suit!


Essential Guide to
House Plant Care
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Want to find out more?

A stunning Strelitzia reginae forming enchanting, orange and blue flowers

Commonly called 'Bird of Paradise', Strelitzia reginae has been long admired by botanists and gardeners alike for its large emerald, sweeping leaves. However, their most notable feature is arguably their beak-like bracts in which orange and blue flowers unfurl from! It is this very feature that has earned the name 'Bird of Paradise'. However, do not be deceived by this plant's showy appearance, as it is very easy to care for, and has even achieved the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Style Tip

Place in an empty corner to instantly transform a room!
  • Fresh From The Nursery
  • Blue and Orange Flowers
  • Impressively Tall Height
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Plant Height: 100-130cm
  • Arrives As: 24cm hanging pot
  • Preferred Location: Bright, indirect sunlight is best
  • Temperature Range: 16 - 24°C
  • Special Advice: Mist occasionally to keep the leaves looking their best


Plant Theory is all about great plants delivered straight to your door in the best state possible. Clever folds help hold the plant in place, and wrapping will be applied where needed if your plant needs extra care.

Show off your plant in style

Please note, all of our house plants arrive in a nursery pot as standard. You can find a more permanent home for your plant in our wide range of indoor plant pots.

How your order will arrive

Your plant will be happy in bright light that is preferably indirect, otherwise the leaves could be scorched. A little way back from a window in a bright room is optimum. The foliage of your plant may become a little dusty, so just wipe them down with a damp cloth occasionally, but try not to come into direct contact with the plant.

More Information
Common Name Bird Of Paradise
Fits Pot 24cm Diameter Pots
Light For Direct Sunlight, For Light Shade
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Size Large & Tall
Foliage Colour Blue, Green, Orange, Red
Type House Plants
Latin Name Strelitzia
Room Dining, Lounge
Size Large 1m+, Medium 0.5-1m
Care Easy Care
Type Flowering
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