100 Litre Complete Wormery - Green

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100 Litre Complete Wormery - Green
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100 Litre Complete Wormery - Green
100 Litre Complete Wormery - Green

A neat and eco-friendly way to compost your food and garden waste; a wormery is a great way to get started with composting. Children can learn about nature by way of the worms, and you can have the benefit of 100 litres of composting space - big enough to break down the compostable waste of a small family.


  • Trays rest on each other - worms can always reach every level
  • Drown proof sump - worm steps mean worms can climb back out
  • 25L of waste per tray - with easy lifting handles
  • Mix of worms - some do better in colder weather, some compost more
  • Stable base - helps prevent wobbling or falling over
  • Made of treated recycled plastic - doing your part for the environment

The innovative design of this wormery is developed for the safety and assistance of your worms. The trays rest upon each other, which ensures the worms can always climb between them, and are 17cm deep, giving worms enough compost to burrow into, ensuring warmth over the cold winter months. The sump is cleverly designed with 'worm steps', which allow the worms to climb out of the pool of liquid, where they would otherwise drown. With 25 litres of compost space per tray, this is a large wormery, with plenty of room for the food waste of a small family.

The mix of worms is split between the two most popular composting worms - Red/Tiger worms (Eisenia andrei/fetida) and Dendrobaena worms (Eisenia hortensis). Tiger worms can eat their body weight in waste per day, and weight between 0.5g to 1g, whereas Dendrobaena worms eat half their body weight a day and weigh 1.0g to 2.0g. Tiger worms can breed faster, and Dendrobaena are better in acidic conditions and cold temperatures. Having a mix ensures that you get the best of both worlds. Worms breed quickly, and can double their population every three to four months.

The wormery is made of recycled, treated plastic, which has protection against UV light, and will not go brittle. Using recycled plastic adds even more eco pride to your wormery. With a stable base, the wormery is prevented from balancing on flimsy-legged stands, and is instead close to the ground and kept steady.

What's In The Box?

  • 4x tray
  • 1x sump (for liquid collection)
  • 1x sump tray
  • 1x base unit stand
  • 1x easy turn tap and back nut
  • 1x lid
  • 2x screws and wingnuts
  • Instructions
  • 1x coir block (makes 9L of initial bedding)
  • 500g mixed composting worms
  • 250g worm food


Length 43cm (1ft 5in) x Width 43cm (1ft 5in) x Height 90cm (2ft 11½in)
Weight 8kg

Comes with a five year warranty on the wormery.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.8/5 (4 reviews)

Rating: 5/5

"Really good product - this did arrive on time."

Reviewed Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Well made and sturdy"

Reviewed Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Rating: 5/5

"Great Well planed"

Reviewed Sunday, 5 July 2015

Rating: 4/5

"Hoping the worms will be happy and productive, once they stop trying to escape!"

Reviewed Monday, 21 July 2014

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