10kW Santorini Flame Gas Patio Heater

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10kW Santorini Flame Gas Patio Heater
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10kW Santorini Flame Gas Patio Heater
Santorini Flame Heater 10kW

This wonderful patio heater is an elegant way to warm up chilly evenings spent in the back garden, whether it is a barbecue, garden party, or just simply relaxing in a chair and soaking up the scenery, this product will allow you to enjoy your garden all year round. With a cylindrical shape, this heater features a central glass tube which holds the flame within, allowing it to swirl and dance around inside, providing you with ambient lighting and a stunning visual effect. The product is powered by propane gas, which makes it cheaper to run than the standard electric heater and comes with an anti-tilt cut off mechanism for safety.


  • Gas powered means that it is cheaper to run than electric heaters
  • Has been designed to give off light as well as heat
  • Anti-tilt mechanism will switch off the gas supply in the event of it tipping over
  • Includes hose and regulator for 11kg gas cylinders
  • Perfect for commercial use in pub or restaurant gardens, public spaces or the workplace
  • Pyrex glass tube can withstand high temperatures and is more stable than other glass in temperature fluctuations
  • Made from stainless steel for a strong and rigid construction
  • Retractable for easy storage
  • Protective screen prevents contact with heat cylinder

Please note: This heater is for domestic use only.

The Santorini Flame Heater has been manufactured from high quality stainless steel which provides the product with a sturdy and rigid construction that will ensure that it lasts for years. It features a large cylindrical tube made from Pyrex glass, which is much more resistant and stable to high temperatures than other types, as it undergoes less expansion and contraction when the temperature fluctuates. This glass cylinder houses the ignitor and confines the flame, creating a beautiful effect as well as providing ambient lighting. When not in use, the Pyrex cylinder can be retracted into the steel base to enable easy storage and includes an anti-tilt mechanism which will immediately switch off the gas if the heater gets knocked over, preventing any fires from being caused.

Please note: this heater is fueled by propane which can be purchased below.

Please note: The box above displays two options: FLOGAS 11kg Propane Leisure Gas Cylinder, and a FLOGAS Leisure Gas Cylinder refill. A refill is only possible if you already have a Flogas 11kg propane canister. Please DO NOT order a refill unless you already have a Flogas 11kg Propane Leisure Gas Cylinder as we will be unable to fulfil your order.


Height: 177cm (5'10") x Diameter: 52cm (1'8")
Weight: 34.5kg
Heat Output: 10kW
Heat Area: 10sqm


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