10m Easy Lawn Edging in Brown - H14cm - by Smartedge

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10m Easy Lawn Edging in Brown - H14cm - by Smartedge
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10m Easy Lawn Edging in Brown - H14cm - by Smartedge

Smartedge is the perfect solution for creating crisp margins for your lawn. Manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene, it enables you to create your own unique landscape without crumbly edges or grass growing out of the boundaries. When installed, this hardwearing product is strong enough to drive over with small garden tractors and can be used in both any size garden to deliver stunning results.

This product comes in a three natural colours, perfect for blending in with your garden.


  • Flexible - can be used to create curved lines or sharp corners
  • Sturdy and neat edge - no earth distortion, crumbly edges or grass growing out of edges
  • Easy to set up - simply fold the A-frames over your lawn then pin them into place
  • Polypropylene edge - UV and frost proof and won't crack, rot, fade or stain
  • Unique patented A-frame system makes clipping the edging to your lawn quick and easy
  • The biodegradable pins decompose naturally, leaving the A-frames bound to the roots of the lawn
  • Non-toxic - great for gardens with small children or animals, plus it wont damage your lawn
  • Edge height: 14cm (5½in), of which 4cm is the teeth
  • Edge thickness: 2mm (0.08in)
  • Length: 10m (32ft 9¾in) roll contains 120 pins
  • Maximum visible height is 10cm (3.9")

The robust and flexible lawn edging has a unique design whereby the A-Frames themselves are bound to the roots of the lawn as the grass grows, forming a neat boundary between the grass and flowerbeds, paths, rockeries and more. The edge strip is made from polypropylene, which makes it UV resistant and frost proof, helps to prevent rot, cracking and splitting.

The Smartedge system includes securing pins as standard, but you may require more depending on the shape of your border and the surface of your lawn. In normal conditions it should only be necessary to pin every third or fourth A-Frame. For example this 10m Smartedge pack comes with 120 pins and 240 A-Frames as standard.

Optional Extras
  • Smartedge Extra Securing Pins - Pack of 150
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When setting the lawn edge make sure the ground is not too dry. It is important to make the setting out as easy as possible. To make the ground more pliable simply water the area in preparation before laying the Smartedge. Each edge comes with securing pins for easy fixing, which are completely biodegradable. Once the A-frames are bound to the lawn, the pins decompose.
Installation Guide

Customer Reviews
Rating: 4/5

"Good quality product and prompt dispatch"

Reviewed Monday, 24 September 2018

Rating: 3/5

"Impossible to insert plastic pins as ground was too hard - the pins just fold over. As not secured properly, the edging looks unfinished but hopefully when it rains and softens up I'll be able to do a better job."

Reviewed Thursday, 24 May 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Very good product and easy to install"

Reviewed Friday, 8 December 2017

Rating: 4/5

"worked well worked well thanks"

Reviewed Thursday, 9 November 2017

Rating: 4/5

"This is a good product, easy to lay and through its flexability produces lovely curves. I used a mix of traditional wooden edging (straight stretches) and this product. My 1 star reservation is when it comes to cutting the lawn. I have now cut it twice (turf) but with my 4 wheel petrol mower had to juggle it to cut the curved edges. With the timber (straight) parts I put the wheels along the timber. I find myself holding the 2 wheels slightly raised as the edging will not support its wait. However as the lawn edges firm this might not be necessary. One minor point - the plastic nails used to hold the edging in place need a fair bit of pushing through the designated holes, a hammer tends to bend them easily. I would have included a photo but the system doesn’t allow picking from an iPad album!"

Reviewed Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Rating: 5/5

"This is a really nice product. It is robust enough to stick in the ground. It is thin enough and sharp enough to cut the soil easily and bendable enough to take in the bends. I will be getting more"

Reviewed Monday, 16 October 2017

Rating: 3/5

"This product was as described on the website and im a pretty good DIY'er, had I realised how difficult it was to fit I'd have chosen something else. We eventually got it done though and it does looks nice, a bit wobbly in places though. I've only recently done it so can't comment on how it fairs with the lawn mower?"

Reviewed Sunday, 10 September 2017

Rating: 4/5

"Good product but the securing pins could have been longer and stronger"

Reviewed Monday, 4 September 2017

Rating: 5/5

"Excellent product if a little time consuming to install but looks great"

Reviewed Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Rating: 5/5

"Our lawn has yet to grow over the 'A-frames' but, subject to that, we are very pleased with the results - the Smartedge lawn edging system gives the impression of a being a good product, providing what it says on the tin, a smart lawn edge. The 'teeth' and 'A-frames' make it sit securely. With care in preparing the ground - the clear installation instructions provided emphasise this - it was easy for two of us to lay out (one person on their own may find it fiddly). We had both straight and curved edges and the product fitted neatly along both. We have yet to see how well the A-frames bed in as the grass grows and how well they respond to mowing, but the recommended 1 securing pin in 3 'A's appears to be sufficient, we were pleased to find, as securing each 'A' (300 pins for 10 metres) would have got very tedious!"

Reviewed Tuesday, 8 August 2017

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