118cm Bronze / Copper Orion Spade

Code: TE6364
118cm Bronze / Copper Orion Spade
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118cm Bronze / Copper Orion Spade

This hardwearing bronze Orion spade is a beautiful, efficient addition to any gardeners tool collection. The spades bowl-shaped blade is very sharp, slicing easily in to the soil. Its bowl shape also makes the spade an excellent all-purpose garden spade, allowing you to lift large volumes of material at a time.

The bowl-shaped blade of this spade is made from high-grade, work-hardened bronze, specially designed to stand up to the stresses garden spades are subjected to. The handle is made from responsibly-sourced European beechwood which compliments the bronze head beautifully.

  • Hardwearing bronze blade - The bowl-shaped blade is crafted in specially designed bronze, making the product hardwearing and capable of standing up to the rigours and stresses garden spades are subjected to, while helping cultivate the soil with beneficial coppertrace elements
  • All-purpose design - The bowl-shaped, sharpened blade makes the product the perfect all-purpose garden spade. The head is capable of lifting large volumes of material at a time, with a lipped top to put your boot on.
  • Stunning finish - Polished bronze shines a brilliant gold, making bronze tools glorious collectors pieces as well as practical tools
  • Fosters conditions for plant growth - Bronze and copper tools have been proven to aid in the development and growth of crops and plants

  • Length: 118cm (3ft 10ins)
  • Blade Length: 29cm (11¾ins)
  • Blade Width: 25cm (9¾ins)
  • Weight: 2.6kg (5lbs 12oz)

Why choose bronze?

In the 1940s, the Austrian biomimicry experimenter Viktor Schauberger proved that copper and bronze tools helped enrich soil with copper-trace elements, creating the conditions for valuable micro-organisms to develop.

Copper and bronze tools are also far more durable and hard-wearing than iron implements, staying free of rust and remaining functional for years. Copper tools are a beautiful, practical addition to any garden shed that help encourage plant growth while retaining their stunning look and feel.


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