140cm x 100cm Mulch Membrane

Code: GS5091
140cm x 100cm Mulch Membrane
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140cm x 100cm Mulch Membrane
Mulch Membrane

This Membrane is both weather and water resistant and is strong and durable, making it able to withstand all kinds of weather. It's made from non-woven polypropylene and has low environmental impact.

How To Install:

Remove all existing weeds by hand or with systemic weed killer if it's being used for landscaping or garden use. When laying on bare earth rake the area & remove any sharp objects or stones. Place the Fabric cover over the desired area leaving about 10cm to 20cm overhang. Cut a cross for any plants you wish to position & dig a hole. Place the plant in the hole & fold back the Fabric. There is no need to pin the Fabric down as this will encourage tearing & the weight of the rubber chippings will hold it down. Pour on the Rubber Chipping to your required depth. Pat down the Rubber Chippings & your overhang should be taken up. Cut or bury this overhang.

  • Weather & water resistant
  • Low environmental impact
  • Made from non-woven polypropylene
  • Strong & durable
  • Length: 140cm (55in) x Width: 100cm (40in)


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