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15-20cm Japanese Lace Fern | Polystichum Polyblepharum | 12cm Pot

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Classic fern with beautiful fronds in a shuttlecock habit

Ferns are some of the oldest varieties of plants still in existence today and they grow all over the world in differing shapes and sizes. This Polystichum is a semi-evergreen variety that can be planted outside as well as potted up as a houseplant. Its common name of the Japanese Lace fern or Tassel fern points toward the delicate leaves that elegantly line each frond. These plants form a shuttlecock habit so that fronds rise up and outward like a shuttlecock or a fountain. This makes them great for filling in space between other plants, be that in a bed or a potted display, though they can happily stand alone as beautiful plants in their pot.

Planting Tip

To support the growth of beautiful new fronds add a little plant feed to the water every two weeks in spring

Estimated Plant Height: 20-30cm

Pot Diameter: H10cm / W12cm

Preferred Location: Happiest in a shadier spot of a bright roomTemperature Range15-30CWatering RequirementsWater twice a week in the summer, once a week in winter


Plant Theory is all about great plants delivered straight to your door in the best state possible. Clever folds help hold the plant in place, and wrapping will be applied where needed if your plant needs extra care.

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Please note, all of our house plants arrive in a nursery pot as standard. You can find a more permanent home for your plant in our wide range of indoor plant pots.

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The majority of ferns will survive best in dappled sunlight to mimic their natural positioning in the wild of growing under the canopy of larger trees. As a very basic rule of thumb, more shade is better than more sun.

When watering be sure to avoid getting too much water on the central crown of the plant as this is where new fronds appear which are more likely to suffer from overwatering. Water around the edge of the plant allowing water to run all the way through and out of the drainage holes of the nursery pot. Leave the water 10 minutes or so to sink through and drain away before returning to the display pot.

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Fresh From The Nursery Our house plants are sent directly from expert growers, based in the south of England. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you can be assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition.

Common Name Tassel Fern
Fits Pot 14cm Diameter Pots
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Latin Name Polystichum
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