150cm Acrylic Waterfall Blade Cascade(Sheer Descent)

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150cm Acrylic Waterfall Blade Cascade(Sheer Descent)

Create an instant waterfall in your garden or home with a striking cascade waterfall blade.

This innovative water feature alters the flow of the water in such a way that results in a gorgeous blade of water which cascades as a beautiful sheet into a pool or reservoir below. This gives the impression of a perfect sheet or curtain of water which is great for complimenting modern gardens, and can be illuminated at night to great effect with an LED kit or spotlights.

Easy to install, a hose can be connected either to the rear or bottom of the blade and mounted on or in a wall. It can easily be built into a wall, or attached with strong glue or welded to a variety of other surfaces. When mounted above a pond, this feature becomes a gorgeous waterfall which even oxygenates the water below. It can also be mounted above a reservoir or pebble pool where the water appears to vanish beneath the ground before being recycled back through the pump.

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Water Supply Option

Bottom supply

+0.00In Stock

Rear supply

+2.00In Stock

Rear Supply

Bottom Supply
This will depend on your installation design and how you would like to mount the cascade.

Rear supply has an inlet on the back of the chamber if you're feeding the hose through the wall from the back.
Alternatively, choose a bottom supply if the hose is coming up through the wall (e.g. behind the plate).
Hose Kit

No Hose Kit

150cm Hose Kit
150cm Hose Kit +59.99Due in
Hose Kit installation diagram This is the hose kit for our 120cm - 150cm acrylic cascade waterfalls.

These can be used with either the rear or bottom supply cascade blades.


No pump

15,000LPH pump
15,000LPH pump +149.99In Stock
20,000LPH pump
20,000LPH pump +173.99Due in 4/6/2017
30,000LPH pump
30,000LPH pump +294.99
For our handy guide, please take a look Here

No reservoir

198L Plastic
198L Plastic +79.99In Stock
It is key, in creating your cascade/water feature, that the reservoir tank that stores the water is large enough and collects all the water flowing from the feature (otherwise you will lose water and keep having to refill the cascade).
In creating your water feature, you will want to hide the pump in the water as well as the hosing connecting the pump to the cascade.
One option is to create a trough in the ground and then line it using a pond liner. You also have the option of plastic or stainless steel reservoirs depending on taste.

No LED light strip

150cm White LED strip
150cm White LED strip +79.99In Stock
150cm Blue LED strip
150cm Blue LED strip +55.99In Stock
The lights position on the the top of the lip. They're a row of LED lights that can be retro-fitted if you already have a cascade.

This provides a nice light within the water at the top, however will have a limited spread-down throughout the fall of the water. Of course, most of the effect of this waterfall is the cascade of water - and the best way to light the whole cascade will be with additional small spotlights behind or infront of the waterfall.

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1 x 150cm Acrylic Waterfall Blade Cascade(Sheer Descent):
179.99   (179.99 each)
Water Supply Option: Bottom supply   +0.00 (0.00 each)
Hose Kit: No Hose Kit   +0.00 (0.00 each)
Pump: No pump   +0.00 (0.00 each)
Reservoir: No reservoir   +0.00 (0.00 each)
Lighting: No LED light strip   +0.00 (0.00 each)
Total 179.99

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