1.54m Virginia Falls Acrylic Water Wall Cascade - Indoor Use

Code: WF9338
1.54m Virginia Falls Acrylic Water Wall Cascade - Indoor Use
Height154 cm( 5 ft 0 in )
Width63 cm( 2 ft 0 in )
Depth35 cm( 1 ft 1 in )
Weight30 Kg
This majestic standing water wall is sure to make a fantastic focal point indoors and impress friends and neighbours. This sleek black water feature resembles a monolith, standing over a metre and a half tall and covered in flowing water, bring some mystery and elegance to your home.


  • Imposing design - standing over a meter and a half tall, this impressive water feature is sure to take pride of place in your home
  • Powerful halogen lights - make an incredible nighttime display with these powerful halogen lamps
  • Pebbles included - included pebbles mean you can bring a little chic style to your fountain

  • Height 1.54m (5ft ½in)
  • Width 63cm (2ft 1in)
  • Depth 35cm (1ft 1¾in)
  • Volume 7l
  • Weight 30kg
At 1.54m tall, this water feature is a striking presence wherever you position it, its sleek black form is the ultimate expression of minimalist design. The elegant visual effect is only enhanced by the powerful halogen lamps which adorn the top and bottom of the wall. The lamps highlight the flowing water and create a stunning night-time effect. The pebbles at the base of the feature are included, so you can use them to contrast with the sleek black body and bring some natural curves to the piece.

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