1.74m Corten and Stainless Steel Weathered Water Wall with Lights

Code: WF8564A
1.74m Corten and Stainless Steel Weathered Water Wall with Lights
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1.74m Corten and Stainless Steel Weathered Water Wall with Lights
Cable Length1000 cm( 32 ft 9 in )
Pump outlet size19 mm( 0.7 in )
Pump power3000 LPH
Pump included?Yes
Lights TypeLED
Reservoir included?Yes
Height174 cm( 5 ft 8 in )
Width61 cm( 2 ft 0 in )
Depth27 cm( 10.6 in )
MetalCorten Steel
MaterialStainless Steel
5ft 7" / 1.74m Corten and Stainless Steel Weathered Water Wall with Lights


  • Overall Height (incl. reservoir): 1.745m (5ft 8½in)
  • Overall Width: 61cm (2ft)
  • Wall Depth: 10cm (4in)
  • Reservoir Height: 23cm (9in)
  • Reservoir Depth: 26cm (10¼in)
  • Approx. Cable Length: 8m (26ft 3in)
  • Pump Power: 40w

  • Corten steel – forms a stable, self-protecting rust that requires no painting or maintenance, for a fashionable aesthetic which doesn’t compromise structural strength
  • Stainless steel frame - durable frame that offers a beautiful contrast to the corten
  • Petal pattern surface - delightful decoration is visible through the 'corten rust'
  • LED 'Ultra Bright' lights - colour changing lights - a slow fade between red, blue, green and purple
  • Pump included - no need to purchase a pump
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Self-contained reservoir

This water feature starts off looking like any other steel feature. However, after just a few days of use, it will develop a rust-like surface that also has a protective layer. This layer protects against further corrosion, and it is completely unique, so no two features are the same. Complete with a pump, you will be able to get this feature up and running in no time. An intricate petal pattern is still visible once the rust has developed. It is self-contained, so all you need to do is add water, and finished with integrated LED lights that bring the feature to life at night, beautifully illuminating the water as it makes its down the walls.

Please note: this product does not come with the pebbles pictured as they are there purely for illustrative purposes only.

Corten Steel - Rust Surface with Protective Layer

Corten is a type of steel that naturally weathers and develops an attractive rust with a protective layer. It is really a paradox, as although it is rusted, to a degree, the surface actually has a layer that protects against further corrosion. In other words, the steel is allowed to rust in order to form the protective coating. This protective layer develops due to the elements that are active in the alloys of the steel. It regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of water and oxygen.

Petal Pattern Surface

The decorative petal pattern gives the surface additional texture; the design allows the 'corten rust' to develop over the petals, however the pattern is still clearly visible through the rust. The petals also channel the water in different and interesting directions, as they are raised slightly.

Stainless Steel Frame - Grade 304

The stainless steel frame elegantly surrounds the corten wall. There is a pleasing contrast between the stainless and corten steel, and the reflective properties of the frame also enhance the LED's illumination at night.

'Ultra Bright' LED Lights - Colour Changing

The multicoloured lights are situated at the base of the wall so that they illuminate the water as it makes its way down the sides. They slowly fade between red, blue, green and purple, which creates a truly stunning spectacle at night.

Rusting Process

The images on this page illustrate the feature's appearance after a week or so, once the wall has formed the protective layer. The wall will arrive with a steel finish, similar to that of other steel features. If you wish, you can speed up the rusting process by using a cloth and rubbing the surface with salt and/or vinegar. However, the frame will obviously retain its shiny stainless steel appearance.


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