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18W Velda Clear Line Pond Filter

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18W Velda Clear Line Pond Filter

Floating algae will turn your pond water green. An unpleasant effect is that oxygen plants stop growing. A lasting solution for green and murky pond water is a UV-C filter in combination with a pump. The water is sterilised; floating algae, germs and moulds are killed. That results in crystal-clear water and a healthy pond environment for fish and plants.


  • To optimise the intensity of the light beams and to ensure the highest possible level of efficiency, the inner casing of the lamp is reflective
  • The UV-C Filter has an electronic ballast that provides a constant current, ensuring that the lamp has a relatively long life
  • There is a second hose connection so that the flow can go the left or the right
  • An inspection glass in one of the outflow openings makes it easy to check whether the UV-C light is on
  • Universal screw thread for connections to your existing PVC tubes
  • Pond Contents: 3000 - 4500 litres
  • Pump Capacity: 4500 - 6000 Litres per hour
  • Recommended Pump: Econo Pond Pump 6000
  • Hose Connectors: 2 x 20/25/38 mm + 2 x 32/40 mm

Tips on Installation and Maintenance

A lot of water features come pre-assembled for the most part, with just a little hose/pump connecting to do before plugging it in to a solar panel or mains socket. Some of our bigger ones require wiring in a plug (which might involve a Part P Certified electrician), but otherwise all instructions will be included.

If you've got any questions, why not check out our Installation Guide for tips on installation location, power and even style tips!

More Information
Why X?

Why Mains Power?

The traditional way to install a water feature is to connect it to your main power supply, although solar powered water features are a great option, there are also benefits to choosing a mains powered feature.

  • Main power is better to effectively run larger water features. These tend to have higher energy requirements, so a mains connection is required for reliable usage.

  • Mains powered water features allow for prolonged use. Solar panels only last as long as they have stored up power and will only work if there is good weather. Mains powered water features will work in any weather and in limited sunlight.

Power Source Mains
Location Goes in a pond
Type Pumps
Material Stone
Spring Checklist Ponds