1kg 'Charlotte' Christmas Seed Potatoes | Late

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1kg 'Charlotte' Christmas Seed Potatoes | Late
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1kg 'Charlotte' Christmas Seed Potatoes | Late

Impress loved ones with a delicious Charlotte potato variety, perfect for festive cooking

The most popular salad potato in the UK, this second early variety plant will produce pear-shaped tubers with firm yellow flesh, full of unrivalled flavour. Perfect for container or bag growing, these crops will grow 50% bigger than other salad varieties if allowed. This Charlotte is therefore an excellent choice if wish to grow flavoursome potatoes for the Christmas period.

Variety Information

Size 1kg Bag
Type Christmas
Hardiness Protect tubers from frost
Planting Time June - July
Planting Depth 5 Inches
Planting Distance 12 - 18 Inches
Harvesting Time Before Jan
Uses Boiling, Salad, Mashing, Roasting


Great Taste
Perfect For Container Growing

Planting Tip

Weed between the rows and keep plants watered throughout growing season.
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Potatoes are easy to grow. Below we address some common queries:

  • Hardiness: protect the potatoes from frost.
  • Planting In Pots: suitable for growing in planters or bags, but make sure excess water can drain.
  • Position: plant in full sun for best results.
  • Soil Types: plant in fertile, well-drained soil.

Soil Preparation: ensure the soil is well-drained and dig in plenty of manure.

Planting Distance: plant seeds 12-18in apart, around 5in deep into the soil. Rows should be around 75cm (2ft 6in) apart. Burying potatoes only when they sprout will help keep weeds at bay.

Pest Control: take precautions against cutworms, slugs, wireworms, and potato cyst eelworms.

Frost Protection: before the first frost use cloche/fleece or/and add extra earth/straw to protect against frost damage.

Watering Requirements: water regularly, particularly during dry spells.

For a more detailed guide please read our blog below.

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