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1kg 'Purple Majesty' Seed Potato | Second Early

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Add some colour to your cooking with this wonderfully unique potato variety!

Solanum tuberosum 'Purple Majesty' is a very special variety of potato that leaves gardeners in awe of its unique purple skin and flesh - you wouldn't believe you could grow something so spectacular in your own garden! This deep purple colouring neither fades when cooked, making this potato wonderful for formulating colourful, homegrown dishes! Highly versatile, these delicious potatoes can be baked, steamed, sautéed, and roasted.

Planting Tip - If space is limited, try growing in potato bags on your patio.

  • A Delicious, Versatile Flavour
  • Hardy and Easy to Grow
  • Very Abundant Yields
  • Ideal for Beginner Gardeners
  • Grown in the UK
  • Size: 1kg bag
  • Type: Second early
  • Hardiness; Protect tubers from frost
  • Planting Time: Early to mid-April
  • Planting Depth: 10cm (4")
  • Planting Distance: 25cm (10")
  • Harvesting Time: July to August
  • Uses: Baking, steaming, roasting, sautéed

Our seed potatoes are all harvested at just the right time to ensure they are of the best quality and size. With careful handling and specialised packaging, we can assure you that your bulbs will arrive in perfect condition.

Potatoes are wonderfully easy to grow, so are well suited to the beginner gardener. Below we address some common queries surrounding their care:

  • Hardiness: Protect the potatoes from frost.
  • Planting In Pots: These are suitable for growing in planters or bags, but make sure that excess water can drain.
  • Position: Plant your potatoes in full sun for the very best results.
  • Soil Types: Fertile, well-drained soil is recommended.
  • Soil Preparation: Ensure the soil is well-drained, and dig in plenty of manure as potatoes are heavy feeders.
  • Planting Distance: Plant seeds around 25cm (10") apart, and around 10cm (4") deep into the soil. Rows should be around 75cm (2ft 6 inches) apart.
  • Pest Control: Take precautions against cutworms, slugs, wireworms, and potato cyst eelworms.
  • Watering Requirements: Water regularly, particularly during dry spells.
More Information
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Type Second Early Potatoes, Seed Potatoes
Supplied As 1kg Bag