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1kg 'Swift' Seed Potatoes | First Early

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1kg "Swift" Seed Potatoes

As the name suggests, solanum tuberosum Swift potatoes are best known for their ability to produce the earliest harvest of all potatoes. The plants produce a good crop of oval-shaped potatoes with thin light brown skin, a waxy texture and only a few shallow eyes, making them easy to peel. The potatoes are a great all-rounder in the kitchen, but work best as new potatoes for boiling, or eating in salads. The plants have a short foliage and bushy habit- making them ideal for container growing- plus great resistance to diseases and pests.

Planting Tip

Encourage shoots to sprout before planting by "chitting"- place in a cool, light area to allow growth.
  • High Yield
  • Good Taste
  • Great Look
  • Fast Growth
  • Good For Container Growing
  • Size: 1kg Bag
  • Type: First Early
  • Hardiness: Protect tubers from frost
  • Planting Time: March - April
  • Planting Depth: 10cm (4 inches)
  • Planting Distance: 25cm (10 inches)
  • Harvesting Time: June - August
  • Uses: Boiling, Salad
When Your Plants Arrive…

  • Unpack your plants: Preferably straight after they arrive, you should carefully unpack your plants. They may appear slightly tired after their journey, however they will soon perk up again.
  • Identify each plant: Each type of plant (but not each individual plant) will be clearly labelled. Lay them out into their respective plant types (such as wild rocket, cauliflower, or peas).
  • Provide a drink: The roots of your plants may be dry, so provide all of them with a nourishing drink of water. Ensuring that the roots are stood upright, submerge the roots of each plant for a few minutes in a container of clean water.
Planting Your Vegetables or Herbs…

  • Their position: For the best results, plant your vegetables in a site that receives full sun.
  • Soil types: You should always avoid waterlogged soils. This is because they can lead to root rot and compacted surroundings, which will hinder your vegetables’ growth.
  • Planting distance: Plant your plugs between 15 - 20cm apart, and keep their stems level with the soil. Each row is best spaced 15 - 30cm away from one another.
  • Watering requirements: Water when planting, and also during periods of drought.
  • Hardiness: Our trusted nursery staff will attentively care for your vegetables, and only deliver them when it is warm enough for them to be planted in your garden.
More Information
Common Name Potato
Harvest Month June, July, August
Is Collection/Mix? No
Plant Family Solanaceae
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Type Solanum
Veg Type Vegetable
Supplied As 1kg Bag
Supplied As Bulb Tuber Set
Type Vegetable Plants
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