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1x1m Artificial Mixed Plants Red Rose Green Wall Hedge Panel (3ft 3in x 3ft 3in) - by Papillon™

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  • PE tile backing - easy to place on walls or fences, simply place or hang as needed
  • Hide old or unsightly walls and fences
  • No need to wait for growth
  • No maintenance required as artificial screening will not grow out of control or encroach on other plants
  • Easy to install
Have red rose hedging in your garden all year round without needing to grow or maintain it yourself. Designed to look like real mixed plants with gorgeous red roses, this hedge panel adds variety to your garden, great for disguising old fences or complimenting beds and borders. This artificial hedging panel is be sure to last throughout the seasons with zero growing time and no maintenance. Simply place this artificial screening trellis in your garden and your walls and fences will be transformed into thriving and vibrant focal points, a beautiful backing to any garden. This durable hedging panel comes complete with a specialised extendable frame, making installation quick and easy.

The easy-to-link frame allows you the freedom to chain your screening for as long as you need to meet your gardens requirements.

UV Lock Technology®

We use a premium grade UV protecting polymer additive designed to absorb the sun's harmful rays and prevent any colour fade.

After 17,500 hours in a laboratory weathering test, there was no visible change in either the physical appearance of the material, including colouration, or the brittleness of the polymer.

There are many benefits to artificial screening, the perfect way to neaten up your garden or hide any unsightly areas. Normal growing conditions are not required with this artificial screening, meaning that you have the freedom to place anywhere in your garden. Light is not required and excessive rain is not an issue. If you have poor soil conditions in your garden then artificial screening is your solution.

  • Height: 1m (3ft 3in)
  • Width: 1m (3ft 3in)
  • Area: 1m²