2000LPH Pressure Pond Filter and UV Lamp Set

Code: WF11057
2000LPH Pressure Pond Filter and UV Lamp Set
Pump power2000 LPH
Height38 cm( 1 ft 2 in )
Width27 cm( 10.6 in )
Length38 cm( 1 ft 2 in )
Pressure Filter Set with 7W UV Lamp - 2000L

This cost-effective filter system is easy to set up and run – ideal for your first pond. This filter set comes with a 7W UV clarifier which is designed to kill harmful bacteria and clump and kill algae. This innovative pond cleaning system is very popular and can result in beautiful, crystal clear water, while the sponge filter and pump remove harmful dead organisms and ammonia.

This filter is designed for pond volumes of up to 5l or 2.5l with fish. With 3 integrated chambers, a longer filter route provides an ideal cost effective filter system. These compact sets include a pump, hose and accessories as well as having a 2 year manufacture’s guarantee.

Pressure filters work by routing the water pressure from the pond pump through the filter. This means that this filter is perfect for higher positioned watercourses and waterfalls. This also means that the filter can be moved away from the pond to better camouflage it your garden.


Length: 27cm (10½ in) x Width: 27cm (10½ in) x Length: 38cm (15in)

Pump capacity: 2000 l/h


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