20.5cm (8in) Mushroom Knife (5cm Blade)

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20.5cm (8in) Mushroom Knife (5cm Blade)
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20.5cm (8in) Mushroom Knife (5cm Blade)
This traditional foldable mushroom knife is designed to separate the mushroom cap from the stem, thus stopping the mycelium (network of small filaments in the soil) the ridged backed can be used to remove the outer layer of the mushroom and can be cleaned on the spot with the brush. the wooden handle has a ruler allowing you to measure the size of the picked mushrooms

  • Please note: You must be 18+ to buy this item
  • Handle Length: 14cm (5.5in)
  • Blade Length (Approx): 5cm (1.9in)
  • The compact, all-inclusive design of the mushroom knife means the tool can perform all of the vital roles in the mushroom harvesting process, including cutting, peeling and cleaning
  • The blade is inscribed with a 5 inch scale for guidance and accuracy
  • The blade has a smooth, sharp edge for cutting through the mushroom stem, and a serrated edge useful for peeling the mushroom's outer layer
  • The blade folds neatly in to the handle to avoid accidental injury or blade damage


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