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20cm Calathea rosopicta 'Dotty' | Rose Painted Calathea | 13cm Pot

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With some of the most beautiful leaves you can find, a Calathea plant will make an exotic addition to your living area. Calatheas perform a wonderful dance each day as the leaves close up in the evening and unfurl each morning - a movement which lets you appreciate the red underside of the leaves in the evening and the unique leaf patterns during the day. Calatheas can be a little picky when it comes to lighting but stick to a shadier spot of a generally bright room and you should be okay. A good soak once a week will keep this plant happy in the summer and this can be reduced through winter. These plants originate from tropical regions so think of mimicking tree cover with dappled shade and high humidity; misting regularly can help avid brown tips on the leaves!
  • Estimated Plant Height: 20cm
  • Pot Diameter: 13cm
  • Preferred Location: Bright indirect light that won't experience too many extreme temperature changes
  • Watering Requirements: Water once a week and this can be reduced during winter


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Position your Calathea in a room with lots of bright but indirect light that won't experience too many extreme temperature changes. These plants also have the common name of 'Prayer Plant' for the lovely reason that at night the leaves will close and open again during the day; this feature ensures you get a great view of both the red underside and white top of the leaves.
More Information
Common Name Rose Painted Calathea
Fits Pot 14cm Diameter Pots
Flower Colour Pink
Light For Light Shade
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Foliage Colour Green
Supplied As 13cm Pot
Latin Name Calathea
Room Bathroom, Dining, Kitchen, Lounge, Bedroom
Air Purifying? Yes
Size For Desks
Care Easy Care
Safety Cat Friendly, Child Friendly, Dog Friendly
Type Flowering
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