2.1kW IP44 Freestanding Heater with Beech Wood Effect Stand and Base IP44 by Firefly™

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2.1kW IP44 Freestanding Heater with Beech Wood Effect Stand and Base IP44 by Firefly™
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2.1kW IP44 Freestanding Heater with Beech Wood Effect Stand and Base IP44 by Firefly™
Enjoy a drink or party in the garden at any time of year with this Firefly™ heater. Built with a classic light wood texture pole to complement the black heater head, this heater combines robust structure with clever design, including safety features. It comes with an anti-tilt safety switch as standard, which means if your heater starts to topple over, the power will cut out.

  • Affordable - costing under 13p an hour to run, this heater is energy efficient and will save you money compared to other heaters
  • Versatile - IP44 approval means that this heater is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Multi-functional - a source of both heat and light
  • Safety anti-tilt feature - if your heater was to be knocked over then the power will cut out, making it suitable for family use
  • Multiple heat settings - allows you to adjust the heat depending on the time of year, saving both energy and money
  • Easy to store - transport wheels make your heater portable and easy to move when not in use
  • Made from stainless steel - rust-proof and durable, resulting in a heater with increased longevity

Please note: This heater is for domestic use only.

  • Height: 2.05m (6ft 8¾in)
  • Weight: 16.2kg
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Base diameter: 46cm (1ft 6in)
  • Heat settings: 900W/1200W/2100W
  • Heating element: clear halogen bulb
*cost is based on 14p per kw/h, on 900kW heat setting

Safety Features

Safety is one of the main concerns when it comes to using any type of patio heater. You want to make sure that if something does go wrong (though hopefully it never will), your heater has the features enabled to lessen the danger. This heater has a tilt safety feature, where if your heater happens to topple over, it is immediately cut out.

Transport Wheels

Transport wheels are attached to the heater, making it far easier to move your heater around. If you need your heater to be mobile around the garden, or relocated entirely, then getting it there won't be such a struggle. They also make this heater easier to take to and from storage.

Multi Heat Settings

Choose from 900W, 1200W and 2100W heat settings to suit the weather any time of the year and to save on energy costs. These useful multi-heat settings will ensure guests are comfortable all year round and give flexibility and control over to you.

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