236ML House Plant Food Concentrate by Miracle-Gro

Code: FE2026
236ML House Plant Food Concentrate by Miracle-Gro
236ML House Plant Food Concentrate by Miracle-Gro

Make your own urban jungle and fill your home with lush green foliage. Miracle-Gro House Plant food contains a unique blend of nine essential nutrients that are perfect for supporting the healthy growth of your plants; they’ll be reaching new heights and filling your home in no time. The formula is child and pet-friendly so little ones and four legged friends are in no harm from using the feed around the home.

  • Healthy development - a unique blend of 9 essential nutrients supprorts ideal growth
  • Versatile use the formula is able to be used on any houseplant
  • Child and pet-friendly - the formula is safe to use around the home and garden
  • Concentrated formula - easy to dilute to be applied with a normal watering can
  • Can be used whenever - the formula can be applied any time of year
  • Easy pump action - perfect for quickly measuring out the correct dosage
  • 236ml bottle
  • NPK 7-3-5

How to use:
  1. Remove the security clip and turn the pump to open position
  2. Check the bottle for dosage instruction. As a rule of thumb, use one pump per litre of water and use for every watering; otherwise, use 3 pumps per litre of water and water weekly
  3. Use when plants are actively growing for best results
  4. Water into the soil as usual
  5. Turn the pump to the closed position when done


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