24,000L Green Genie Pond Bio Filter

Code: WF10705
24,000L Green Genie Pond Bio Filter
Green Genie 24000 UV Pond Bio-Filter

Achieve optimum bioefficacy in your pond with the Green Genie 24000 pond filter. Combining one of Europes most successful bio-filters with state of the art U.V technology, this filter can easily handle ponds of up to 24000 litres. There is a lot packed into this box: dimple foam, flocor bio filter media and an integral spray bar all work alongside a proven UV clarifier to provide clean and clear water to your pond.

Green Genie filters are fitted with a Vari-Flow valve which allows the filter to be used with any size pump without overflowing. This filter comes complete with filter media and ultraviolet bulb

Flocor Biological Filter Media

This filter media provides maximum biological filtration, thanks to its high surface area. Flocor creates an ideal habitat for friendly nitrifying bacteria to colonise which is very important to maintain a healthy pond environment for your fish and other pond inhabitants. Great for filtering out smaller matter, this foam is dimpled to provide more surface area and improve effectiveness.


  • Suitable for ponds up to 24000 litres
  • Includes 25w UVC
  • Mechanical dimple foam filters
  • Flocor biological media
  • Above ground installation, top outlet allows partial burial
  • Spray bar oxygenates water to aid filtration
  • Fitted with an inlet flow control for regulating water flow

  • Dimensions
    • Height: 54cm (21in)
    • Width: 40cm (15in)
    • Depth: 39cm (15in)
  • Pond size
    • Low fish stock: 24000L
    • High fish stock: 8000L
  • Connections
    • Inlet connection: 19/25/32 mm
    • Outlet Connection: 2 x 40 mm
  • UVC power : 25w
  • Recommended flow rate: 6000 lph

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