25.4cm (10") Single Plant Pot

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25.4cm (10") Single Plant Pot
25.4cm (10") Single Plant Pot

Ready for use, this plant pot features a tasteful terracotta colour to blend in with the natural colours of your garden. It is tough and durable, and has a diameter of 25.4cm (10"), making it ideal for potting, bedding and planting seedlings. It will not deteriorate in normal use and is designed to stand the test of time.

Product Features

  • Made from robust plastic ? strong, durable and practical
  • Drainage holes - prevents water-logging
  • Can be used for transplanting seedlings, root cuttings and sowing new seeds

This plastic plant pot is just the right size to take a seed or seedling to transplantation size, whether in a larger plant pot or for direct replanting outdoors. Tomatoes, herbs, flowers and most vegetable seed can be started in this pot and brought to a good size for sale or planting on. This plant pot is long-lasting, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, and can also be used with lightweight modern composts.


Diameter: 25.4cm (10")
Height: 24.6cm (9.7")
Weight: 0.22kg
Volume: 6.5lt per pot

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