27,000L 320W Oase Aquamax Eco Filter with Twin Motor Pump

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27,000L 320W Oase Aquamax Eco Filter with Twin Motor Pump
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27,000L 320W Oase Aquamax Eco Filter with Twin Motor Pump
Cable Length1000 cm( 32 ft 9 in )
Pump power27,000 LPH
Pump Wattage320 W
Height21 cm( 8.3 in )
Width36 cm( 1 ft 2 in )
Length38 cm( 1 ft 2 in )
Weight11 Kg
Oase AquaMax Eco Twin 30000

The AquaMax Eco Twin 30000 is a powerful, high performance twin motor pump which has been designed to be the ideal product for filter systems, watercourses, waterfalls and moving large quantities of water in general at a very economical cost. The displacement of the two individual motors can be adjusted separately via a remote, therefore increasing the flow control effectiveness whilst reducing the power consumption and your electricity bills in the process.


  • Unique 'Environmental Function Control' will cause the pump to switch itself off in the event of a dry run so as to prevent damage
  • Features twin motors that can be controlled separately for better flow control as well as lower electricity costs
  • Patented frost protection which will prevent damage caused by temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Patented damper mechanism guarantees optimal flow rate
  • Less maintenance required due to the wrap-around strainer
  • Can handle solid particles of up to 11mm in size
  • Maximum flow rate of 27,000 litres per hour - designed for a larger filter

This AquaMax Eco Twin pump has been designed with two individual motors which are both controlled separately via a remote, so as to improve the effectiveness of flow control while reducing power consumption. The pump also features an integrated strainer to enhance the performance of the product and reduce any maintenance required, as it will prevent large debris from entering the body; however, it can handle particles up to 11mm in size. Other features of the AquaMax include its patented 'Environmental Function Control', which will automatically switch the product off in the event of a dry run or if it gets blocked to ensure that the pump does not get damaged, and patented frost protection, which will protect the AquaMax from temperatures as low as -20°C. In addition to water filtration, it is also possible to connect the AquaMax simultaneously to a satellite filter or skimmer to ensure that things floating at the surface of the water are not excluded from the filtration process.


Length: 380mm (15ins) x Width: 360mm (14.2ins) x Height: 205mm (8.1ins)
Weight: 11kg


Rated Voltage: 220-240V - 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 320W
Max Flow Rate: 27000 litres
10m Power cable included
5 year guarantee


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