2ft x 4ft Silver Birch Wall Panel Garden Mirror

Code: DF2459M
2ft x 4ft Silver Birch Wall Panel Garden Mirror

This elegant Silver Birch Wall Panel Garden Mirror is the perfect garden landscaping tool which utilises unique décor in the form of an attractive piece of wall art. The carved wavy panel can easily be mounted onto any surface and will work wonders on decorating an existing fence, creating an eye catching focal point in your garden, as a screen or act as a divider. Made from innovative xylTECH Composite, which is a mixture of vegetable fibres and plastic, you can be assured of the quality of your eco-friendly frame.

The mirror is made from shatter resistant acrylic plastic, which is a safer option to have in your garden compared to glass. This UK made charming piece of art uses no formaldehyde in its body and is resistant to corrosion and rot, giving you a long lasting wall hanging that will become a talking point whilst entertaining. The wonder of the silver birch tree is in its glorious canopy and shape, where the tree is also a symbol of renewal and purification in Celtic mythology.

Please note: panels are supplied in a natural “fawn” coloured material. However the Xyltech composite can be painted with any oil based paint or an aerosol spray paint. The mirror and panel do not arrive attached and will require some self assembley. Mirror is flexible acrylic and reflection may not be perfect. No fittings are supplied.


Panel size: 600mm (2ft) x 1200mm (4ft) x 10mm
Mirror size:600mm (2ft) x 1200mm (4ft) x 3mm

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