2kg 'Pentland Javelin' Seed Potatoes | First Early

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2kg 'Pentland Javelin' Seed Potatoes | First Early

2kg "Pentland Javelin" Seed Potatoes

Bred by famous potato breeder Dr. Jack Dunnett, the solanum tuberosum Pentland Javelin potato plants produce high yields of short, ovular tubers with light brown skin and white flesh. For years, these potatoes were considered one of the best varieties of first early potato, and they are great for using in salads or boiling as new potatoes. The Pentland Javelin has good all-round disease resistance, particularly to golden eelworm.

Variety Information

Size2kg Bag
TypeFirst Early
HardinessProtect tubers from frost
Planting TimeMarch - April
Planting Depth10cm (4 Inches)
Planting Distance25cm (10 Inches)
Harvesting TimeJune - August
UsesBoiling, Salad


High Yield
Good Disease Resistance
Delicious Taste
Slug Resistant

Planting Tip

Cover the seeds with a cloche for the first few weeks to encourage growth.
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Potatoes are easy to grow. Below we address some common queries:

  • Hardiness: protect potatoes from the frost.
  • Planting In Pots: suitable for growing in large pots with at least 10l capacity.
  • Position: plant in the sun with partial shade for best results.
  • Soil Types: plant in fertile, well-drained soil.

Soil Preparation: remove weeds and large stones and dig in plenty of fertiliser or manure.

Planting Distance: plant seeds around 25cm (10in) apart, around 10cm (4in) deep into the soil. Rows should be around 60cm (2ft) apart.

Pest Control: ensure good soil sterilization, rotational practices, and crop nutrition to reduce risk of pests.

Watering Requirements: water regularly, particularly during dry weather.

For a more detailed guide please read our blog below.

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Our seeds are all harvested at just the right time to ensure they are of the best quality and size. With careful handling and specialised packaging, we can assure you that your seeds will arrive in perfect condition.


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