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3 - 4ft Premium Cut Real Christmas Tree | Abies lasiocarpa

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Available to order from late Autumn
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A beautiful, Lasiocarpa Christmas tree, lovingly grown on English soil for nine years...

Lovingly grown in the fields of Devon from a sapling to a mature tree, this Abies lasiocarpa Christmas tree will certainly make a flourishing centrepiece to your home this Christmas. With a full and bushy appearance, the branches of this Lasiocarpa are laden with silvery blue needles that have very good retention. Due to their softness too, this tree is very easy to decorate, making it the perfect family Christmas tree.


Delivered Within 48 Hours of Being CutShortly after your tree is cut, it will be carefully packaged and delivered to your door within 48 hours.
Sustainably Grown in the United KingdomYour tree has been lovingly grown in Devon, which offers the perfect climate for growing flourishing Christmas trees.

Grown From Premium Quality Seedlings

These Christmas trees are held to a very high grade, and as such, are perfectly shaped, extraordinarily healthy, and boast luscious foliage.

Soft Needles With Excellent Retention

Sports Beautiful, Silvery Blue Foliage

Care Tip

Mist your tree's branches to keep their foliage healthy...

Lovingly Grown in the United Kingdom...

From a seedling to becoming a mature tree, your Abies lasiocarpa will have been nurtured on English soil for nine years. The mild English climate is optimal for growing this specimen, as it helps them achieve their beautiful shape, sumptuous foliage, and soft needles.

  • Height: 90 - 120cm
  • Foliage Colour: Green with a blue undertone
  • Shape: A full pyramid shape  

  • Bare Root 0.3m Bare Root 


    3L Pot 0.3m 3L Pot 


    18L Pot 1.5m 18L Pot


    30L Pot 1.8m 30L Pot 

    Your Tree's Packaging and Delivery

    Shortly after your tree is cut, it will be carefully netted up by our nursery staff, and placed into a bespoke box that will keep it safe in transit. After your tree has been securely packaged up, it will be delivered directly to your home within two days.

    How to Keep Your Tree Happy

    Having been grown into a hardy tree, your Abies lasiocarpa will not require much maintenance. All we advise is that you:

    • Mist regularly to keep the branches and needles rich in moisture (you can use the same mist you would use for a house plant).
    • Make sure your tree is away from direct heat (e.g a radiator), as this can encourage needles to drop.
    • Water your tree once a day, with a minimum of 500ml of water.
    • Once your tree arrives, we recommend leaving it outside in a bucket of water for a little while. This will help it adapt to the change in temperature when you bring it inside. You can also slither off a small amount of the tree's base, as this will keep it as fresh as possible.
    • Watering Requirements - Water frequently, ideally using a tree stand
    More Information
    Features Premium Cut Trees
    Is Collection/Mix? No
    Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
    Type Christmas Trees, Premium Cut Trees, Real Christmas Trees
    Material Real