30,000L Velda Clear Control Pond Pump

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30,000L Velda Clear Control Pond Pump
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30,000L Velda Clear Control Pond Pump
This Clear Control Pressure Filter is a hassle free premium filter system designed to maintain a healthy biological equilibrium in your garden pond, keeping the water clean, healthy and clear. The filter includes lava stone, activated carbon and Japanese matting, which are able to remove large amounts of dirt particles and bacteria, while a Dirt Indicator uses a traffic light system to helpfully indicate the extent of the contamination inside the filter. The filter also includes a series of useful additional functions: medication can be delivered into the water, and the pond can be drained if the need arises. An included Ultra Violet Clarifier also helps keep green water algae under control.

The filter can handle high levels of water pressure, ideal for larger ponds or higher waterfalls. Two ports are included to facilitate the use of an additional UVC or a heater, which helps protect fish against icy cold snaps in the winter.

Please note: a pump is not included and should be purchased separately.

Choose a pump and filter set instead:

  • Maintain biological balance in your pond - keep the water clean, clear and healthy
  • Natural filtering system - using lava stone, activated carbon and Japanese matting to keep dirt and bacteria under control
  • Includes a UVC function - to help deal with unwanted green water algae
  • Dirt Indicator Dial - helps keep you informed about how much contamination is within the filter
  • Can handle high water pressure - ideal for bigger ponds or high waterfalls
  • Two ports for add-ons - add an extra UVC or a heater to keep intense cold at bay
  • Useful additional functions - add medication to the water or drain the pond as desired
  • Suitable for: up to 30,000 litres of water
  • Filter contents: 75 litres
  • Power: 36 Watts
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 Volts
  • Max recommended pump: 12,000 l/h
What's in the box?
  • Clear Control 75 Pond Pressure Filter
  • UVC Unit (36 Watts)
  • Screw cap
  • Ball tap
  • Hose swivels set
  • 6kg lava stone
  • 6kg activated carbon
  • Japanese matting


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