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30cm Autumn Hanging Basket | Chilli, Lavender, Grass, and Chrysanthemum Plants

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Adorn your garden with unique foliage and flowers throughout the seasons...

For many gardeners, ensuring a colourful garden come autumn can be challenging, but with this hanging basket, you need not worry. Carrying your garden through the colder months, this basket includes Sedum, Lavender, Chilli, and Chrysanthemums plants. The stunning accompanient of their flowers forms a distinctive combination of warm and muted colours, whilst the differing foliage of each plant creates beautiful textures. Easy to grow and maintain, this hanging basket is perfect for smaller gardens or patio spaces, and will make a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Variety Information

  • Supplied As: 30cm woven hanging basket
  • Flowering Period: Autumn to winter
  • Plants Included: 1 x Sedum, Lavender, Chilli, and 2 x Chrysanthemums
  • Preferred Location: Sun or part shade
  • Benefits: Long-lasting flowers, striking foliage, crops


  • Fresh from the NurseryOur plants are sent directly from expert growers, based in the heart of England. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you can be assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition.
  • A Myriad of Colours and Textures
  • Effortless Flowers with Little Care
  • Long Flowering Period
  • Perfect for a Smaller Garden
  • Easy to Grow

Planting Tip

  • Water frequently to ensure a flourishing display...
Whatever effect you aim to achieve with your planting scheme, the colour wheel should always be your first port of call.

By planting complementary colours and avoiding clashing colours, you can create stunning baskets, borders and containers, whether you want excitement or relaxation.

  • Monochromatic: Monochromatic planting uses shades of a single colour to maximise visual impact. Working with colours of the same hue you can integrate subtle changes of tone or texture to create a fascinating collage of plants. Used widely in cottage garden planting schemes and stand alone displays.
  • Adjacent colours create a harmonious effect: Colours close together in the colour wheel are used to create harmony. Pair yellow with red or orange and blue with purple or greens to create a natural, relaxing display.
  • Opposites colour complement each other: Colours opposite in the colour wheel produce a striking effect. Pink and yellow, blue and orange and red and green are famous contrasting combinations and can be used to create an energetic, eye catching display. Perfect for a contemporary design or creating a tropical feel.
  • Triadic colours: triadic planting selects three colours spaced at equal distances around the colour wheel creating a beautifully balanced palette. Be careful to select plants with a similar intensity of colour and you can create a display packed with visual interest, with less contrast than opposite colours, resulting in a more harmonious feel.

Neutral colours can be used as part of any planting scheme and can also be used as a buffer between clashing colours. Neutral colours include white, black, grey, silver, brown and in gardening, green. White is a fantastic addition to any bed as it reflects all wavelengths of light, brightening up your garden. Your Flowering Basket

Your plants will be lovingly grown and attentively cared for at our specialist nursery, based in the heart of England. Our baskets feature a mix of gorgeous autumn plants, all featuring unique foliage and flowers.

About your plant

Our perennials and alpines are lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, based in England. Once ready, each flourishing plant will be dispatched directly to your home.


Sustainability is one of our priorities, and as such, our perennials and alpines are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Aside from being recyclable, they will additionally keep them nice and secure on their journey.
How your order will arrive
Please see our below guidance on your perennial or alpine's care:

  • Watering: During your perennial or alpine's first growing season, you should provide them with frequent waterings. Try to also avoid wetting the foliage to reduce the risk of disease.
  • Deadheading: To promote a long flowering period, you should deadhead any flowers that appear spent. Simply rescind each flower at their base, taking care to not cut other parts of the plant.
  • Dividing: To really flourish, your perennials can be divided every three to four years. They can be divided when they begin to show less flowers, or appear less healthy in the middle. Make sure to only do so when they aren't currently flowering.
More Information
Deciduous Or Evergreen Deciduous
Flower Colour Yellow
Flowering Season Autumn/Winter/Spring
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Foliage Colour Green
Supplied As Hanging Basket
Type Bedding Plants