30cm Monstera Adansonii | Monkey Leaf Monstera | 15cm Pot | By Plant Theory

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30cm Monstera Adansonii | Monkey Leaf Monstera | 15cm Pot | By Plant Theory
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30cm Monstera Adansonii | Monkey Leaf Monstera | 15cm Pot | By Plant Theory

An unusual variety that's great for hanging baskets

Another member of the monstera family you may be less familiar with than its popular Swiss Cheese Plant cousin. These have the common name of monkey leaf or monkey mask plants. The debate is ongoing on whether the given Latin name for these is correct as "Monstera Obliqua" has been misused through botanical collections worldwide for years; so we'll stick to monkey plant for now. These varieties are easy to care for and make excellent hanging baskets. In the wild, they would naturally climb but in the absence of any support they will happily cascade down; the light coming through their perforated leaves makes for a lovely sight. Happy in bright filtered light this is an unusual variety for any indoor plant collection and a great way of adding interest to any space with the classic perforated leaves so distinctive to monstera plants.

Variety Information

Estimated Plant Height 25-35cm
Pot Dimensions H12cm / W15cm
Preferred Location Bright indirect light - avoid direct sunlight
Temperature Range 15-25C
Watering Requirements Water once a week and mist when temperatures rise


Nursery Fresh Our house plants are sent directly from expert growers, based in the south of England. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you can be assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition.
Low Maintenance
Trailing/Climbing Variety
Easy to Grow

Planting Tip

Hang from a curtain rail to get the full effect of the sun shining through the perforated leaves.
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Please note: as standard our plants arrive in a plastic nursery pot and the ceramic pot pictured comes with an extra charge.

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Plant Theory has sustainability at its heart. That means that every house plant will be delivered in eco-friendly packaging that doesn't compromise on protection.

The intuitive box design is totally plastic free and optimised to keep your plants safe in transit, without unnecessary harm to the environment. The cardboard packaging is fully recyclable to deliver you a more eco-conscious product.

We believe that anyone, regardless of ability can successfully grow their own plants at home, and do so in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Everyone should have the chance to experience the benefits that plants bring to our lives, and we have put a lot of effort into making sure that all of our products are easy to grow, even for beginners.

Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos and we have done everything we can to ensure that all of our products are as sustainable as possible, be it our plastic free, fully recyclable packaging, GM free seeds or ethically sourced compost.

Monsteras are happiest in bright light but not direct sun as this will cause their leaves to yellow. A little way back from a window in a bright room is ideal.

Water once a week, adding in a liquid plant feed once a month through summer for an added boost to growth. Allow the water to run right through the soil and out of the drainage holes of the nursery pot, leaving the water 10 minutes or so to sink through before returning to the display pot. This can be done once a week in summer but should be reduced in winter.

Mist the leaves When temperatures in the house rise due to summer or winter heating.

For a great introduction to houseplant care please read our blog below.

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