315L Composphere Tumbler Composter

Code: TE10659
315L Composphere Tumbler Composter
315L Composphere Tumbler Composter

No longer will your garden waste be sitting in the corner taking forever to compost; and no longer will composting be a dull affair. The Composphere is a simple and fun way of turning your garden waste into compost at a faster rate due to the unique rolling ability of the sphere. The ball can be loaded up with garden waste and simply rolled to churn the material and speed up the composting process. It is subsequently an easy way of transporting large amounts of compost around the garden to wherever its required!

  • Environmentally-friendly - reduce the amount of household rubbish going to landfill by converting kitchen food waste into a nutritional compost for your garden
  • Large capacity - able to hold up to 315L there is plenty of room to have an ongoing supply of compost
  • Eco-friendly - the sphere is made from 100% recycled UV protected plastic
  • Included tread - allows for easier movement of the sphere and also acts to hold the ball in position when settled
  • Capacity: 315L
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Material: Recycled plastic

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