32cm Bronze / Copper Chara Garden Hand-Hoe

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32cm Bronze / Copper Chara Garden Hand-Hoe
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32cm Bronze / Copper Chara Garden Hand-Hoe

This hardwearing bronze hand-hoe is a beautiful, valuable addition to any garden shed. The Chara hand-hoe is scaled down version of the Sabik hand-hoe. The hoe is easy and comfortable to use, and the sharpened bronze blade slices effortlessly through soil.

The head of this hand-hoe is made from high-grade, work-hardened bronze, specially designed to stand up to the stresses hoes are subjected to. The shaft is made of turned beech wood, a responsibily-sourced European hardwood. The strong and resilient handle compliments the golden shine of the hoe head.

  • Hardwearing bronze hoe head - The hand-hoes specially designed bronze head is hardwearing, capable of standing up to the rigours and stresses garden hoes are subjected to.
  • Sharp blade - The sharpened hoe-head slices effortlessly in to the soil, pulling back the soil comfortably and easily
  • Stunning finish - Polished bronze shines a brilliant gold, making bronze tools glorious collectors pieces as well as practical tools
  • Fosters conditions for plant growth - Bronze and copper tools have been proven to aid in the development and growth of crops and plants

  • Length: 32cm (12½ins)
  • Blade Width: 8cm (3¼ins)
  • Weight: 210g

Why choose bronze?

In the 1940s, the Austrian biomimicry experimenter Viktor Schauberger proved that copper and bronze tools helped enrich soil with copper-trace elements, creating the conditions for valuable micro-organisms to develop.

Copper and bronze tools are also far more durable and hard-wearing than iron implements, staying free of rust and remaining functional for years. Copper tools are a beautiful, practical addition to any garden shed that help encourage plant growth while retaining their stunning look and feel.


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