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350 x 450cm Skyguard Shed Roof Kit - for up to 14 x 10ft Shed

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350 x 450cm Skyguard Shed Roof Kit - for up to 14 x 10ft Shed

Skyguard is a customizable, attractive, easy to fit, one-piece EPDM roofing kit that protects any style of wooden shed / garden building roof. With a 20-year Guarantee (life expectancy of 50 years +), Skyguard provides the ideal alternative to felt. Skyguard is UV stable and will not crack, blister or peel staying fully bonded to your garden building roof for life. With a wide range of standard sizes (bespoke sizes also available) you can finish your garden shed with a perfect, water tight finish that will last for years to come. Note: Metric sizes (cms) given in heading are EPDM sheet size - Imperial sizes (ft / inches) are approximate, overall, external garden building panel sizes.

Please Note: Skyguard Shed Roof Kits are designed to suit a range of manufacturers standard shed sizes, however sizes may vary from different manufacturers. Please be sure to carefully measure your garden building before ordering your SkyGuard Roof Kit. Have a look below for guidelines on purchasing the right fit for your shed.

What's in the kit

  • Roll of Long Life EPDM Membrane
  • Water Based Deck Adhesive
  • Bonding Sealant for Edges

Measure your roof

After you have measured your roof add a minimum of 15cm (6inches) to each measurement. This ensures sufficient membrane to fold over the edges of the roof.

Select your Shed Roof Kit

Once you're all measured up, simply find the best size from our range of Standard Roof Kits. If in doubt, get the next size up.