36L Stainless Steel Reservoir (60cm x 30cm)

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36L Stainless Steel Reservoir (60cm x 30cm)36L Stainless Steel Reservoir (60cm x 30cm)
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36L Stainless Steel Reservoir (60cm x 30cm)36L Stainless Steel Reservoir (60cm x 30cm)
Height:20 cm   ( 7.9 in )
Width:30 cm   ( 11.8 in )
Length:60 cm   ( 1 ft 11 in )
Metal:Stainless Steel    
36L Stainless Steel Reservoir (60cm x 30cm)

Brushed stainless steel reservoirs designed specifically to go with a number of our stainless steel water features as follows. The water feature will stand alone in the stainless steel reservoirs on concrete blocks (sometimes provided with your water feature). You can also use the reservoirs for other water features if you want to. Height of all reservoirs is 20cm. An example is given in the picture below of how you are able to use these reservoirs.


Length: 60cm (2') x Width: 30cm (1') x Height: 20cm (7.9")

Create an artistic display around your water feature with the matching stainless steel mesh and tumbled pebbles; please see links below:

Optional Extras
  • Foras Tumbled Coloured Pebbles - Rainbow 25kg
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  • Foras Tumbled Coloured Pebbles - Grey/Black 25kg
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The stunning stainless steel water feature can be purchased separately; please see the link below for more information:

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