45cm Devil's Ivy Houseplant With Moss Pole & Ceramic Pot | Scindapsus | By The Little Botanical™

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45cm Devil's Ivy Houseplant With Moss Pole & Ceramic Pot | Scindapsus | By The Little Botanical™
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45cm Devil's Ivy Houseplant With Moss Pole & Ceramic Pot | Scindapsus | By The Little Botanical™

We’ll always play the advocate for Devil’s Ivy

With a Nickname like Devil's Ivy, you may be surprised to learn that this is one of the best air-purifying houseplants for your home, making it onto Nasa’s recommended list. With its rich green leaves made special by random smatterings of yellow this is a plant that can take its place almost anywhere around your home to bring both clean air and style. The Ivy comes with a moss poll that it has been trained to climb, remove this however and you have the option to allow your ivy to cascade down from a high shelf with great effect.

Your Ivy will come complete with a 22cm ceramic display pot so it’s ready to go straight out from the box. Your plant and pot will come in separate boxes so simply drop the nursery pot into the ceramic display pot and your plant can get on with styling out your living space and cleaning the air.

Variety Information

Estimated Plant Height 35-45cm
Pot Height 22cm
Preferred Location Happy in bright rooms or shadier spots
Temperature Range 15-25C
Watering Requirements Water once every 1-2 weeks


Nursery FreshOur house plants are sent directly from expert growers, based in the south of England. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you can be assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition.
Low Maintenance
Air Purifying
Beautiful colours

Planting Tip

You can take advantage of the Ivys trailing quality by removing the moss pole and placing it on a high shelf where it can cascade down
Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase

Our house plants are all grown in optimum conditions to ensure healthy, happy plants. These are then potted into stylish ceramic pots ready to go straight into your home!


Protecting your plant during delivery is one of our top priorities. The Little Botanical have spend years trialling different packaging materials, techniques and couriers to find the safest to ensure each plant arrives in perfect condition.

Extra thick cardboard provides the first level of protection. Inside the box, specially developed clamps hold the larger pots in place to minimise movement.

Folded cardboard and bubble wrap is added to absorb any contact shock and further prevent the plant moving around inside the box so that no matter how bumpy the journey, the plant will be still be protected. We use a delicate parcel network too so that your package is carried alongside other small, light parcels to minimise the risk of damage.

This plant can grow in both bright and low light so you can be fairly flexible with its placement. Devil's Ivy doesn't like being overwatered so allow the top half of the soil to dry between waterings. Water once every 1-2 weeks. A fortnightly liquid fertiliser and pinching out any growing tips can encourage a dense growth of leaves.

For a more detailed guide with extra tips please read our blog below.

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