45cm Swiss Cheese Plant With Ceramic Pot | Monstera deliciosa | By The Little Botanical™

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45cm Swiss Cheese Plant With Ceramic Pot | Monstera deliciosa | By The Little Botanical™
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45cm Swiss Cheese Plant With Ceramic Pot | Monstera deliciosa | By The Little Botanical™

A must-have for any collection - the mighty Monstera

Fill your home with clean air, style and greenery with the handsome Monstera Delicosa. Made popular by its unique perforated leaves, it offers an easy and instant way to style your home. Nicknamed the Swiss Cheese plant and listed as one of NASA’s top air-purifying plants it has plenty to boast about - and it’s pretty easy to take care of too. Place it in the right spot and you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous glossy green leaves that slowly unfurl, darken and perforate to produce the distinctive shape we love.

Your monstera will come complete with a 22cm ceramic pot so it’s ready to go straight out from the box. Your plant and pot will come in separate boxes so simply drop the nursery pot into the ceramic display pot and your monstera can get on with looking fabulous.

Variety Information

Estimated Plant Height 40-45cm
Pot Height 22cm
Preferred Location Happiest in gentle sunlight - not too much shade or direct sun
Temperature Range 15-25C
Watering Requirements Water once a week


Nursery FreshOur house plants are sent directly from expert growers, based in the south of England. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you can be assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition.
Air Purifying
Easy To Care For
Distinctive Shape
Included Ceramic Pot

Planting Tip

Control the direction of growth with a moss poll or let it all hang out to fill the space!
Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase

Our house plants are all grown in optimum conditions to ensure healthy, happy plants. These are then potted into stylish ceramic pots ready to go straight into your home!


Protecting your plant during delivery is one of our top priorities. Our houseplant nursery have spent years trialling different packaging materials, techniques and couriers to find the safest to ensure each plant arrives in perfect condition.

Extra thick cardboard provides the first level of protection. Inside the box, specially developed clamps hold the larger pots in place to minimise movement.

Folded cardboard and bubble wrap is added to absorb any contact shock and further prevent the plant moving around inside the box so that no matter how bumpy the journey, the plant will be still be protected. We use a delicate parcel network too so that your package is carried alongside other small, light parcels to minimise the risk of damage.

Your monstera will happily sit in gentle sunlight; too much direct sun will yellow the leaves whereas full shade can hinder growth. If temperatures do begin to rise be sure to mist the leaves as the monstera likes increased humidity at these times. A small dose of plant food once a month in the growing season can also boost new growth dramatically, allowing the monstera to quickly fill a space. Be aware though, the monstera leaves are toxic to cats and dogs so if you have pets it’s best to keep your plant in a place they can’t easily reach.

For a more detailed guide with extra tips please read our blog below.

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