4ft Premium Real Christmas Tree | Nordmann Fir

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4ft Premium Real Christmas Tree | Nordmann Fir

Enjoy a sublimely festive display with this quintessential Christmas tree...

The most important part of your Christmas decorations must surely be your tree, so it's vital that you pick the right one! The Nordmann Fir is an excellent choice, notably handsome with a stately pyramid shape and glossy dark green foliage. The premium Nordmann Fir is also much appreciated for both the softness and retention of the needles, making it ideal for use indoors with young children and inquisitive pets. There's nothing as splendidly seasonal as a traditional tree bedecked with lights and decorations, and a premium Nordmann Fir makes an ideal choice. Please note: given that trees vary in their shape and size, the specification given below is approximate. Please request a specific delivery date for the tree in the delivery instruction box on the order info page when placing the order.

Tree Information

Height 90 - 120cm
Foliage Colour Dark green with a glossy finish
Shape A pyramid shape with tiered branches
Watering Requirements Water once a day, especially during the first week


A Premium Quality TreeThis premium tree has been carefully assessed throughout the year to ensure a top-notch final result when it comes to harvest time.
Classic Christmas Tree ShapeThe pyramid shape of the Nordmann Fir has immediate festive connotations.
Grown in the United KingdomYour tree is subject to strict freshness standards, and regular biosecurity checks.
Soft Needles that Drop Minimally
A Fresh Pine Fragrance

Care Tip

Mist your tree's branches to keep their foliage healthy...
Supplied As Height On ArrivalTitle Supplied By Price Link Image
Bare Root 0.3m Bare Root Primrose-Supplied Tree
Primrose £63.99 View Here
3L Pot 0.3m 3L Pot Primrose-Supplied Tree
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18L Pot 1.5m 18L Pot Primrose-Supplied Tree
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30L Pot 1.8m 30L Pot Primrose-Supplied Tree
Primrose £259.99 This Product
Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase


Lovingly Grown in the United Kingdom...

Attentively grown on English soil, your Nordmann Fir will arrive in a happy and healthy condition. The mild English climate is optimal for growing Nordmann Firs, as it helps them achieve their classic pyramid shape, sumptuous foliage, and soft needles.

Your Tree's Packaging

Once your tree is cut, it will be carefully netted up by our nursery staff, and placed into a secure box that will keep it safe in transit.

Your Tree's Delivery

After your tree has been securely packaged up, it will be delivered directly to your home. You will be able to choose your precise delivery date when ordering; your tree will be ready when you are.

How to Keep Your Tree Happy

Having been grown into a hardy tree, your Nordmann Fir will not require much maintenance. All we advise is that you:

- Mist regularly to keep the branches and needles rich in moisture (you can use the same mist you would use for a house plant).

- Make sure your tree is away from direct heat (e.g a radiator), as this can encourage needles to drop.

- Water your tree once a day, with a minimum of 500ml of water.

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