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50-90cm Wisteria Sinensis 'Prolific' | 3L Pot

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A graceful Wisteria featuring pea-shaped, white and deep-lilac blooms

Featuring papilionaceous-shaped blooms, with each crisp-white upper petal adorned by a delicate dusting of gold within their centre, and their lower petals of a deep-lilac shade, Wisteria Sinsensis 'Prolific' is perfect for evoking a springly theme within your garden. A vigorous woody climber, this Wisteria will add a graceful edge when trailed around a trellis or pergola, and is ideal for brightening up a wall that is deficient in colour. To ensure that your Wisteria flourishes, we encourage you to plant in moist yet well-drained soil, that additionally receives either full sun or partial shade.

Variety Information

  • Flowering Period: May
  • Flowering Color: Lilac - White - Gold
  • Scented: Yes
  • Best Location: Wall
  • Twining: Anti-Clockwise
  • Suitable for Shade: Only light shade
  • Features: Repeat flowering,scented,vigorously growing
  • Supplied As: 3L Pot
  • Height on Arrival: 50-90cm (1.5-3ft)
  • Growth Rate: Very Fast (Up to 3m Annually)
  • Eventual Height & Spread: 10m x 20m (30 x 60ft)
About your plant

Your climbing plant will be sent directly from our trusted grower, based in the heart of England. This means that you’ll receive a nursery fresh plant which was on the growing table one day and at your door the next. Our specialist nursery has spent decades perfecting the art of watering, feeding, and pruning climbing plants and will do so until hours before they are packed.


Your climbing plant will be expertly packaged into a specially designed, extra thick cardboard box, which will hold it securely in place. It will then be delivered via a delicate courier network to prevent any chance of damage in transit.
How your order will arrive
Wisteria is easy to grow. Their growth and output will likely be excellent providing you follow our planting and care instructions. Below we address some common query topics:

  • Hardiness: Wisteria originates from climates that have far colder climates than that of the UK, so they will make a fully hardy addition to your garden.
  • Position: Wisteria plants require full sun, and only sinensis varieties are suitable for light shade. As a rule, wisteria species with long racemes look best when growing up pergolas, while species with short racemes look best when growing up a wall. We therefore recommend that you buy floribunda varieties for pergolas and sinensis, and brachybotrys and frutescens varieties for walls. Lastly, as wisterias form thick woody roots, you should avoid having to re-plant them.
  • Soil: Belonging to the legume family, Wisteria is able to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, so does not require as much fertilising as other plants do. Your wisteria will flourish in most soils that are not compacted or waterlogged.
Whether you are opting for Honeysuckle, Wisteria, or Jasmine, there exists a climbing plant that is perfect for every garden. Their growth and output will likely be excellent providing you follow our planting and care instructions. Below we address some common query topics:

  • Hardiness: The climbing plants we stock will are well accustomed to colder environments, so they are perfectly suited to the UK’s weather.
  • Soil: Soil types can be an unwelcome confusion as many plants will adapt to their conditions. Nonetheless, less than ideal conditions will certainly limit your plant’s growth. Waterlogged soils will starve it of oxygen, which plays a key role in photosynthesis; causing its roots to rot and creating an optimal environment for disease.
More Information
Deciduous Or Evergreen Deciduous
Common Name Wisteria
Features Scented Climbing Plants
Flower Colour Purple, White
Flowering Month May
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Species Wisteria sinensis
Type Wisteria
Eventual Height 12m+
Eventual Spread 8m+
Foliage Colour Green
Annual Rate Of Growth 3m
Supplied As 2.5L Pot
Supplied As 2L-3L Pot
Type Climbing Plants
Latin Name Wisteria
Sale Type 15CLIMBERS
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