5000L Velda Silenta 500 Pro Pond Aerator

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5000L Velda Silenta 500 Pro Pond Aerator
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5000L Velda Silenta 500 Pro Pond Aerator
Silenta Air Generator Set 500 Pond Aerator

During hot summer days, the level of oxygen in your pond water drops, something made worse when there is a large number of fish, leading to a potential lack of oxygen. When this occurs, the fish are in the surface layer of the water, gasping for air and are slow in their movements. The solution? A Silenta aerating set, which can also serve as a freezing preventative in winter.

With the help of the Silenta 500 aerating set, you can aerate your pond in two places in a simple manner and at relatively low cost. The high-grade aeration pump of European origin produces much air. It has a long life time. Both aeration stones, which are supplied along with the aerating set should be placed about 30 cm below water level. The aeration pump should be positioned at any rate in a dry place, for example in a garage.


  • Suitable for: Ponds up to 5,000 litres
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  • 1 Membrane
  • 1 Membrane housing
  • 1 air filter


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