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56cm Kamen Cast Iron Planter/Pond/Fire Bowl/Water Feature - By La Fiesta

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56cm Kamen Cast Iron Planter/Pond/Fire Bowl/Water Feature - By La Fiesta

Extend the garden party long after the sun goes down by lighting this chic and stylish fire bowl. Pull some chairs up to the fire and chat and toast marshmallows for hours into the night. Whether it's a new years party with your friends or a quiet dinner with family, having a warm, stylish and entertaining focal point will help keep the conversation flowing.

While this striking cast iron dish has been designed as a beautiful fire bowl, its durable construction also makes it perfect for using as a Pond in a Pot, a planter or for using as a reservoir for a delightful fountain. This versatile piece can be used to transform your home by adding a stunning focal point to your outside spaces.

Traditional Fire Bowl

Not only will this fire bowl keep you and your guests warm, its sleek and stylish design looks fantastic anywhere in your garden, especially on paved areas. The cast iron construction allows this fire bowl to withstand all weather and radiate heat outward to people sitting around it. The included grate helps to maintain air flow to keep the fire going for as long as you do without becoming starved of oxygen, ensuring flickering flames long into the night. This fire bowl also has practical and hardy legs, keeping it at a good height for enjoying the heat and light while helping to avoid damage to your lawn from the hot underside of the bowl.
Pond in a Pot

Create a beautiful, watery oasis in your garden with our innovative Pond in a Pot range of aquatic plants and pond accessories. This planter can easily be sealed, filled with water and combined with one of our exclusive aquatic plant collections to make a low maintenance pond perfect for any garden. The product featured is the All Year Colour Pond in a Pot. The All Year Colour pond plant collection can also be purchased separately.

To use this bowl as a pond or water feature it is advised to first coat the inside of the bowl with a layer of etch primer, followed by a layer of epoxy gloss enamel. You can also use pond sealer; however this may not be as effective.


When established as a planter, this shallow bowl is perfect for bedding plants such as cardinals and primulas, which can then be under-planted with a variety of bulbs. It’s also a great way to display box balls, small bamboo, grasses and lavender. This shallow yet wide planter can display a range of flowers and the natural patina of the cast iron provides a lovely contrast to garden greenery.

Water Feature

When set up as a pond, it is also possible to quickly and easily add a decorative fountain to this bowl using a solar powered water pump. It can also be used to create a stand or reservoir for water features. Using this bowl as a water feature is a great way to add running water to a small space and is perfect for those with small or patio gardens. Adding a water feature pump not only makes this a lovely centrepiece but also keeps the water oxygenated, helping to keep it clean and clear. As a fountain this can look great on patios or even as an indoor feature.


  • Versatile cast iron bowl - Not only is this a gorgeous fire bowl but it can also be used as a planter, pond in a pot or a reservoir for a water feature
  • Minimalist and stylish design - attractive addition to your garden spaces
  • Cast iron construction - sturdy materials allow the fire bowl to withstand intense heat 
  • Ash grate - allows the ash to fall through and not smother the hot coals
  • Practical legs - keeps the fire bowl at a perfect height to sit around with your friends and family
  • Height: 23cm (9¾in)
  • Diameter: 56cm (1ft 10in)
  • Weight: 6.6kg


More Information
Location Freestanding
Power Source Solid Fuel
Size Large (51cm - 1m)
Type Camping & Portable Fire Pits, Fire Pits
Colour Black
Material Metal
Shape Bowl