5ft 6" / 1.67m Wooden Fence Posts for Fencing, Screening and Hurdles

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5ft 6" / 1.67m Wooden Fence Posts for Fencing, Screening and Hurdles
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5ft 6" / 1.67m Wooden Fence Posts for Fencing, Screening and Hurdles
The hazel hurdles we bought from you are beautiful. We are city dwellers with a small shady garden; the hurdles bring peace and grounding to the garden. Easy to erect too. More...
These wooden, pressure-treated fence posts are a great alternative to traditional posts and are ideal to go with our hazel and willow hurdles. Easy to size and set up, simply measure the posts, cut to the correct length and install in the ground.

These fence posts help complete the look which willow and hazel hurdles bring to your garden and create a more rustic woodland aesthetic compared to traditional fencing.

Alternatively, these fence posts can be used with our range of screening products to create beautiful natural barriers in your garden. Creative gardeners can even use them to create pathways leading your guests through your garden, or to bring a sense of nature to garden borders. When combined with screening, these fence posts can also be used to divide areas of your garden for practical or aesthetic purposes, screening vegetable patches away from encroaching pets or creating a lovely backdrop to your flowerbeds.


  • These posts have been pressure treated with preservative to ensure they can last for many years and avoid wood rot
  • The precisely cut, pointed end makes for easy installation when inserting the post into the ground
  • Perfect to use with willow or hazel hurdles, or our range of screening, to give your garden a more rustic, organic look
  • Available in two sizes to ensure you find the correct post for your garden
  • Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase


    2.5 inches (60mm) in diameter, machined circular cross-section with a point at one end.
    8ft long (243.8cm), or 5'6" (170.6cm)

    Note: priced per pole


    It is important to ensure that you have the correct size fence post for your hurdles. The 5ft 6in post is designed to be used with hurdles up to 4ft high. If your hurdles are one of the larger sizes (4ft 6in or 6ft) you will need the 8ft fencing posts to give the maximum support.

    These posts should be measured against the hurdles to find the correct height. As they are completely natural they can be cut to any length desired – for example one could cut them at different heights to make a “staggered” look to make a feature of the posts.

    You can easily attach the hurdles to the fence posts with galvanised wire, cable ties or screws/nails.

    Please Note: You should have at least 18 inches of post in the ground to ensure stable support, more if the site is exposed.

    Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase

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