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5ft6 Round Post Screening or Hurdle Advanced Installation Kit - Additional Panel

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5ft6 Round Post Screening or Hurdle Advanced Installation Kit - Additional Panel

This installation kit is designed as an additional pack for all your hurdle or screening panel installation needs. This pack includes everything you need to install another panel of the hurdle or screening of your choice quickly and easily including a fence post, wire and post anchor. You just need one of these extra packs for each additional panel, and one basic pack for the first new panel.

The wooden, pressure treated fence post is fantastic for using to set up fencing, screening or hurdles. Easy to set up, simply measure the height of your fencing and cut the post to the correct height before installing it in the ground. It's ideal for use with our hazel and willow hurdles. This fence post helps to complete the natural look which willow and hazel hurdles bring to your garden to create a more rustic woodland aesthetic compared to traditional fencing. Also included is 30m of galvanized wire to secure the screening or hurdles of your choice to the posts.

This advanced installation pack also comes with a Steadypost FenceFin, designed to sturdily anchor the fence post into the ground. Simply nail the fins to the post and insert it into pre-dug holes to give the post extra strength in high winds.


  • This fence post has been pressure treated with preservative to ensure it can last for many years and avoid wood rot
  • Sturdy FenceFin anchors the post into the ground - great for resisting strong winds to keep your fence standing no matter the weather
  • Flexible galvanized wire makes fixing hurdles to fence posts quick and easy

  • Fence Post
    • Height 167cm (5ft6) x Diameter 6cm (2½in)

What's in the Box?

  • 1x 5ft 6in round fence posts
  • 1x Steadypost FenceFins Anchoring System
  • 30m Galvanized wire
More Information
Colour Test Other
Size 1.5m-2m
Type Post
Colour Other
Material Wooden
Shape Other
Size 1.5m-2m
Type Post